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"SnapComms has been a great communication tool for Comcast. It has allowed us to emphasize key initiatives and get better employee engagement."

Dan Pryor

Director of Communications, Comcast

Employee Communication
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If you still have some questions about SnapComms or how our employee communication platform works, we have the answers. Select a category below to find answers to some common questions.

What is SnapComms?

SnapComms is an internal communications software solution designed to bypass email to get important messages to staff in engaging ways. It’s a fully mobile-optimized way for staff to receive and engage with organizational comms.

Our internal communication channels allow personalized messages to appear on staff screens as a pop-up Desktop Alert, Video Alert, Scrolling Ticker, Screensaver, Wallpaper, Survey, Quiz, Newsletter and more.

What does SnapComms do?

We solve organizations’ internal communication challenges. Our tools get employee attention when everyone’s so busy. From priority messages staff need to see, to passive messages that build culture and behavioral change – without adding to email inboxes or workplace noise.

Who uses SnapComms?

Our customers are mainly large organizations with 1000+ employees, many of them US Fortune 500 companies. HSBC, Comcast, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, KPMG, Vodafone. They’ve got good things to say about working with us.

Our tools are used in just about every industry (including healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, education, manufacturing and media) and environment (call centers, dispersed teams, field-based teams and more). See some examples of SnapComms tools in action.

Is it just for internal comms teams?

Definitely not. Our tools are used by teams in IT, Human Resources, Information Security, Compliance, even senior management – and internal communications of course.

In fact, one of the biggest uses of SnapComms is by IT teams communicating IT outages. IT Managers find our tools ideal for this because they bypass email, get staff attention and reduce calls to their helpdesk.

What is the SnapComms app?

The SnapComms App is the same thing as the SnapComms client. There are Apps for Windows, MAC, iOS and Android devices.

How can I get the SnapComms app?

The Apps for Windows, MAC, iOS and Android can be downloaded from the SnapComms Content Manager by the SnapComms administrators.

How does SnapComms compare to email?

Email is proven to be an outdated, ineffective communication tool – adding to workplace noise and often ignored by staff. SnapComms bypasses email entirely. While email is simple and relatively inexpensive, open rates are declining and measurement is difficult.

The formats and features of SnapComms deliver messages to staff in the more engaging, visually-rich way they expect from their personal communications. SnapComms is also designed to reach staff who aren’t desk-based, and who therefore don’t have regular email access – such as warehouse or factory staff, healthcare workers, retail staff or field-based workers.

SnapComms also has full reporting capabilities so you can truly measure the effectiveness of your communications.

How does SnapComms compare to collaboration tools like Slack?

Collaboration tools are great for encouraging staff teamwork, but they have their drawbacks. Important, top-down messages lose their impact. The ‘single source of truth’ gets diluted amongst the flood of everyone’s opinions. The tool tends to be ignored more because staff are busy with their workloads.

The SnapComms platform offers a range of channels to get important messages read, build positive behavioral change and interact with employees. Feedback, suggestions and opinions can all easily be collated from staff through flexible questionnaire tools.

Our affordable pricing is based on the number of users and the tools you require. Tiered pricing options can also reduce your initial investment and demonstrate performance without over-committing up-front. See more details on pricing options.

What support will I get for onboarding?

Your Customer Success Manager will spend the first 30 days training you on all the technical and operational aspects of SnapComms. You’ll learn how easy it is to create and send content, and we'll support you in completing custom templates, so that your messages align with your brand. Sample launch materials and best practices will help you to hit the ground running.

Dedicated customer success is something that really sets SnapComms apart.

What technical support is available?

SnapComms offer free 24/7 technical support and will resolve any queries your IT team have quickly. They can also assist with releasing any system updates. Your Customer Success Manager will be copied on the reply to monitor the issue and escalate if necessary.

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