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Managing and Inspiring Your Hybrid Workforce

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Hybrid future of work

The Future of Work is Hybrid

By the end of 2021, an estimated 25-30% of employees work from home multiple days each week.1

In a hybrid workplace, traditional communication channels don't cut through.

Employees are inundated with emails. They're constantly distracted by collaboration tool noise. Wall posters and other office displays are rarely seen.

HR Managers and Internal Communicators need a new approach to motivate and engage their staff.

1 Global Workplace Analytics

Daily Health check-in and HR screensaver

How workplaces are changing in the future of work

"A lot of corporations are looking at how they can reconfigure their workplaces in order to facilitate more team environments instead of individual offices or cubicles. I think that's the future of the workspace."

Wendy Braun
Corporate Human Resources Manager, Provisur Technologies


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Everything you need to connect with, engage and motivate your employees in a hybrid workplace.

  1. Boost engagement and reduce disconnection
  2. Revitalize training and development
  3. Create richer, more immersive onboarding
  4. Rebuild positive workplace culture

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Future of work for employee communications


Communication is key with hybrid workforces. Inform, engage and inspire your team with these best practice tips.

Templates bring your hybrid work alive

SnapComms offers a full suite of pre-built, ready-to-use message templates for the future of hybrid work. 

These include daily health check-in surveys, CEO videos, compliance and wellbeing messages, security reminders and much more.

These templates use best practice design and compelling content to achieve high cut-through and get employee attention.

Template Library

Employee Communication Templates


Suzanne Pullinger

"SnapComms was a solution for us to make quick, easy, impactful comms that look good.

It's definitely changed the face of communications for us, because we now have the information we need to make better informed decisions."

Suzanne Pullinger

Media and Communications Advisor, Astron Energy

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