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Hospitals and healthcare facilities are diverse, complex environments. Staff operate across multiple departments, shifts and locations. Effective hospital communication in such a fast-paced, high-stakes setting is critical.

Managers require maximum impact for important notifications, or discretion for behavioral reinforcement. Internal communications must be delivered quickly and quietly, without noisy overhead announcements that disturb patients.

But medical staff have little time for wading through emails or scrolling the intranet. 

So how can you ensure important messages stand out from other internal noise? With information overload comes message fatigue - and a real risk of critical content being overlooked.


Alert showing hospital server outage


The SnapComms platform is a unique internal communications toolkit used daily in hundreds of healthcare facilities around the world. 

SnapComms channels ensure important messages are never missed. Bypassing email completely, these high impact visual tools get employee attention and generate action as needed.  

It’s a solution proven to ensure staff are engaged and better informed – day or night, wherever they are. 

This powerful, easy-to-manage software - with full reporting functionality so you can see who is (or isn't) readying your content - provides the lifeblood of great communication in healthcare. 


Watch this short video explaining how to communicate with hospital and healthcare staff. 

High Impact Channels for reaching Hospital Staff

Desktop (or mobile) alert – Can be sent full-screen, to any device. Perfect for crisis communications, AWOL patients, IT outages or important announcements.

Panic Button List on mobile

Scrolling ticker – Discreet yet hard-to-miss. Informative to keep staff in the picture on breaking news, operational issues or daily patient census.

desktop screen displaying ticker message

Screensaver– Highly-visual and memorable, ideal for promoting positive behavior, hygiene reminders, culture-building or campaigns.

hospital desktop pc hand hygiene wallpaper

Survey – Interactive and engaging, to convey real-time feedback from staff, provide a ‘temperature check’ on staff morale and check general knowledge.

quiz alert on staff phone

Registration Alert – Fast and effective mechanism to check staff availability for upcoming shifts, volunteering, company events, and training.

Shift registration alert on mobile


Lock Screen - Another highly visual 'cannot be avoided' channel, ideal for must-see communications such as compliance and action-oriented messages. 

enterprise lock screen on desktop

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