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Hospitals and healthcare facilities are fast-paced, high-stakes environments. Effective internal communication is critical to keeping staff safe and informed - without affecting patient care.

To be successful, communications need to be:

  • Multi-channel - reaching both desk-based and mobile workers
  • Powerful yet silent - removing the distraction of overhead announcements
  • Flexible and fast - guaranteeing 100% readership of every message, every time

When staff are busy and emails are overlooked, SnapComms is a better way to get employee attention.

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Our direct messaging solution helps your messages cut through faster, improve efficiency and deliver better patient care.

Essential Communications For Essential Services

SnapComms is a unique communications platform used daily in hundreds of healthcare facilities around the world. 

High-impact formats and dynamic visuals bypass email entirely, ensuring important messages are never missed.

SnapComms is flexible and customizable for every communication need.

  • Alerting staff of immediate threats to safety or systems
  • Building knowledge and improving processes through operational updates
  • Improving culture with health and wellness reminders

For healthcare organizations today, SnapComms provides the lifeblood of effective communication. 


Watch this short video on how to better communicate with hospital and healthcare staff. 

How a major hospital manages essential IT communications

"We have a strict rule about when the messages are sent, how, and what criteria is used. I make sure that our messages around IT issues are important and they're clear."

Mark Greaker
Corporate Director of IT Operations, New York Presbyterian Hospital



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