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Easy Publish, 100% Readability

A Panic Button enables organizations to act quickly and minimize threats when an unexpected event occurs. It works by triggering a full-screen emergency alert to employees' computer screens, mobile devices, and large display screens.

The unmissable solution saves valuable time during an emergency with high exposure formats that are easy to read and understand.

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Quick And Easy To Use

At the press of a button from your phone or computer (using the SnapComms app), those first at the scene can publish an urgent message directly from their mobile or desktop App, targeted to any employees at risk.

You can immediately initiate a company-wide announcement, alerting staff, and providing instructions, without delay.

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Up To The Minute Reporting

Detailed reporting shows which employees have seen the notification. If required, the emergency alert can be repeatedly sent until you are sure all those at risk have been notified.

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Keep staff safe and businesses protected in any emergency situation with the SnapComms Panic Button.


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"A full screen SnapComms alert is a major interruption that can be seen throughout the school and on mobile devices – you can’t miss it! That’s exactly what’s needed in an emergency scenario."

Paul Andrews

Papatoetoe West School, New Zealand

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