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Urgent, Unmissable Communication When There’s No Time to Lose

What is a Panic Button?

A Panic Button is designed specifically to be used during emergencies to alert individuals about a dangerous situation.

It enables those first at the scene to publish an urgent message directly from their mobile or desktop PC, targeted to any employees at risk.

These urgent notifications override all other applications – including locked screens. This means employees will be able to see the emergency message regardless of what app they’re working in, and therefore made aware of a developing crisis.

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How a Panic Button Works

A Panic Button enables organizations to act quickly and minimize threat when an unexpected event occurs. It works by triggering a full-screen emergency alert to employees' computer screens, mobile devices and large display screens.

Also known as an emergency mass notification, the unmissable Panic Button solution saves valuable time. You can create a series of pre-configured emergency notifications in advance. Simply load these anticipated scenarios into your SnapComms content manager, ready to broadcast in times of duress.


Why a Panic Button is so Powerful


At the press of a button from your phone or computer (using the SnapComms app), you can immediately initiate a company-wide announcement, alerting staff and providing instructions, without delay.  

Detailed reporting shows which employees have seen the notification. If required, the emergency alert can be repeatedly sent until you are sure all those at risk have been notified. You can also request staff to confirm they are OK - for example, during a severe weather event or active shooter incident.

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Common Use Cases: Panic Button in Action!

  • Active Shooter On-Site
    Warn staff that a dangerous person is on the premises, and provide specific safety instructions to minimize threat
  • Fire Alarm
    Whether real or undertaking a practice-drill, send emergency notifications to ensure staff follow correct evacuation procedures
  • Suspected Terrorist or Violence Threat
    Warn staff about a dangerous situation – such as bomb threat, anti-social behavior or any other attack - and provide clear instructions to increase their personal safety
  • Emergency Response Training
    Simulate potential scenarios and provide staff with Emergency Preparedness Training  before, during and post incident.
  • Natural Disaster
    Earthquake, hurricane, flood or other weather-related emergencies are types of disasters that could affect staff at work. Prepare content in advance to save valuable time
  • Burglary
    Alert staff if there’s been a theft on site, and advise them to take appropriate action
  • Wide-scale Medical Emergency
    Flood all available channels – phones, work stations, large display signage – to alert staff about emergency so the correct action plan is triggered
  • "What to do" Instructions
    Inform staff of evacuation procedures, how to report an emergency, who the First Response team members are and more. 

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Special Features of SnapComms Software

A full screen SnapComms alert is a major interruption that can be seen throughout the school and on mobile devices – you can’t miss it! That’s exactly what’s needed in an emergency scenario.


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