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Effective government communications to staff can be challenging.

You need to reach thousands of employees in disparate locations – a mix of full-time staff, remote workers, contractors, temporary staff and others. Sometimes you’ll need to reach everyone – sometimes only specific departments. Some will be desk-bound, others on the go. 

Whether your content is urgent or super important, or you're promoting compliance or behavior-oriented essages, capturing attention and engaging staff is essential. 

That’s why relying on corporate emails and your intranet won’t cut it. Managers need dynamic tools to grab employee attention. Visual tools to reinforce messages. And interactive tools to inspire engagement.

SnapComms is a powerful solution, perfect for public sector employees. When successful planning and implementation of government strategy is at stake, you can’t afford anything less.

Government styled desktop alert
Pop-up notifications are an effective tool for ensuring Government staff see important messages

High Impact Channels for Communicating With Government Staff

Desktop Alert – Full-screen and unmissable on any device. Perfect for dangerous customers on-site, IT outages or important announcements.

Scrolling Ticker – Eye-catching but discreet way to update staff on breaking news, operational issues or meeting reminders.

Screensaver – Multi-format, visually-engaging way to promote awareness campaigns, reinforce behavioral messages, and generate excitement around events.

Survey – Interactive means of gathering real-time feedback from staff and provide a ‘temperature check’ on staff morale.

Quiz – Enjoyable, non-threatening way to test subject knowledge, or a fun competitive initiative between employees or teams.

Newsletter – Engaging, interactive and highly visual technique to provide news round-ups for staff, with the ability to customize sections

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Communicating With Government Employees

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