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Build a Powerful Human Firewall

Every day over 2,200 cyber-attacks hit organizations around the world. That’s one attack every 39 seconds.1

Phishing scams, malware and other tactics exploit businesses strained by COVID-related disruption.

Over 40% of employees have made mistakes resulting in cyber security attacks.2 An effective human firewall is essential.

SnapComms is the unique communications platform for your cyber security campaign - reaching every employee, improving compliance and protecting your business.

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2 Help Net Security

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Why cyber security campaigns are critical for risk management

“In business we're on defense all the time, but the bad guys only have to be right once. You need to have a plan in place across the enterprise. Organizations that skimp on information security training pay the cost at the end of the day.”

Tracy Reinhold
Vice President and Chief Security Officer, Everbridge

Download: Cracking the Hackers - How to Build a 100% Engaged Human Firewall

This exclusive free guide contains everything you need for a successful cyber security campaign:

  1. The cyber-threat today – what does it mean for you?
  2. A block and tackle strategy – combining protection with proaction
  3. Employee communication – tactics from training to breaches
  4. Building an InfoSec campaign – how to get your messages read and acted on

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What is a cybersecurity campaign?

A cybersecurity campaign includes employee awareness, training, reinforcement and measurement.

Communications range from critical to useful. Staff must be aware of urgent data breaches, updates to security policies, and mandatory training and education sessions.

Creating a dedicated InfoSec brand identity, and using it in all communications, improves employee cognition and recall of messages.

SnapComms offers a full suite of pre-built, ready-to-use cybersecurity message templates.

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"The best thing about SnapComms is that it's quick and easy. You know the message has got to your user base. You get that instant feedback."

Service Operations Manager

Major UK healthcare provider

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