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The internal communications function is key to business success. Effective communications inform staff, promote organizational goals and motivate performance.

But getting employee attention is hard. Staff are busy and bombarded with messages. Important information is being overlooked or ignored. Half of all internal communications aren’t read (Towers Watson).

Internal Communications Managers need a modern, innovative solution to reach employees. Corporate emails don’t cut it anymore. Today’s winning workplaces are getting creative.

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Powerful Messaging That Bypasses Email

SnapComms improves the effectiveness of employee communications by ensuring your important messages aren’t overlooked.

Diverse communication tools bypass email to deliver messages direct to employee screens – without adding to information-overload.

Employees receive and engage with content in the channel best suited to it – increasing open and readership rates.

Pop-up alerts, scrolling tickers, screensavers and digital newsletters communicate with employees in dynamic, visually-engaging ways.

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Reach Every Employee, Every Time

With SnapComms, your messages reach all employees wherever they are, whatever devices they’re on. Customizable formats and built-in features guarantee 100% readership.

Personalize and target messages to specific people and groups for greater relevance.

Measure and report on effectiveness with easy-to-read dashboards.

Whether improving leadership messaging, managing change communications or increasing employee engagement, SnapComms is the unique multi-channel platform for your workplace.

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Inform and engage employees with SnapComms communication channels

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Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

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Suzanne Pullinger

SnapComms was a solution for us to make quick, easy, impactful comms that look good and have staff say, ‘Oh, I want to read that. That looks interesting.'… It's definitely changed the face of communications for us.

Suzanne Pullinger

Media and Communications Advisor, Astron Energy

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