Workplace Safety Needs A Safe Pair Of Hands

Safety communication provides immense value in preventing workplace accidents, saving lives and reducing compensation costs. Today, legislation is requiring an even greater focus on this important area.

US businesses spend more than $1 billion per week on serious, non-fatal workplace injuries. (Source: Arbill)

To build a culture of safety requires a steady communication program designed to educate and remind staff to be cautious at work and aware of hazards.

Effective internal communications can ensure your messages reach every employee - whether they’re behind a desk or steering a fork-lift truck.

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The SnapComms platform combines highly-visible, short-burst messaging for instant attention, with powerful passive communications to build positive long-term change.

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Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


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Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Everything You Need To Reach And Engage Staff – Every Time

Built-in features of the SnapComms platform increase your messaging success and drive results.

Targeting IconTargeting

Send messages to groups or individuals for higher relevance and engagement.

Recurrence Icon


Repeat unread messages to achieve 100% staff readership or response.

Reporting iconReporting

Real-time insights to track performance and improve message success.

Scheduling icon


Set up messages to send in advance for greater readership and convenience.

Administration icon


Provide admin rights to manage user access and improve governance.

Acknowledgement icon


Require staff acknowledgement of messages to ensure readership and compliance.

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Customer Stories

Many of our customers use our Employee Safety solutions to reach staff and ensure they have taken the necessary steps and duty of care to keep everyone informed and safe.

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