Workplace Safety Needs A Safe Pair Of Hands

Safety communication provides immense value in preventing workplace accidents, saving lives and reducing compensation costs. For organizations today, legislation is mandating even greater focus on this important area.

US businesses spend more than $1 billion per week on serious, non-fatal workplace injuries. (Source: Arbill)

To build a culture of safety requires a steady communication program designed to educate and remind staff to be vigilant and cautious at work.

Effective internal communications can get your safety messages through to every employee, regardless of whether they’re sitting at a desk or sitting behind a fork-lift truck

employee safety screensaver
Build a culture of safety awareness with passive reminders using screensavers

Tools For Better Workplace Safety Communication

The SnapComms platform combines highly-visible, short-burst messaging for instant attention, with powerful passive communications to build positive longer-term change. In today's overloaded world, mass emails to ‘all staff’ no longer cut the mustard.

Alerts are unbeatable for getting attention and driving action around high priority messages, such as serious hazards or weather warnings. A Video Alert vibrantly summarizes main learning points for staff following training sessions.

Employee surveys capture opinions and ideas in an enjoyable and non-intrusive way. The simple interface generates higher response rates and makes extracting responses and gathering insights easy.

Screensavers promote positive behavior by reinforcing health and safety messages through striking visuals and emotive language. After incidents occur, use them as a promotional campaign to address the issue.

The RSVP tool can drive attendance for those high-importance safety training sessions. Staff are encouraged to attend, which increases the value of the sessions and improves overall workplace safety.

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Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Demonstrate importance

Alerts underscore high importance topics that deserve immediate attention, such as the correct way to lift heavy objects, the importance of hand-hygiene, or regulations for wearing high-vis clothing.

  • Reinforce desired behavior
  • Convey management commitment

Improve wellbeing

Affirm the value of happy, healthy workplaces through promoting positive behavior messages on computer screensavers or wallpapers.

  • Reduce cost of injury-related employee absenteeism or rehabilitation
  • Enhance staff retention

Identify issues

Use a staff survey to understand their current safety perceptions and identify knowledge gaps to address through training.

  • Enact corrective measures before issues escalate
  • Chart improvements over time through response trends

Stay informed

Publish a regular update via digital newsletter with ‘real world’ example videos and other related content to keep workplace safety top of mind.

  • Equip staff with useful safety information
  • Reinforce safety as a ‘real’ issue, not hypothetical

Results You Can Rely On With SnapComms

Improve wellbeing
Improve wellbeing
Staff absenteeism related to injuries or workplace-inspired illness drops due to safer environments.
Maintain productivity
Maintain productivity
Momentum on initiatives is maintained without the distractions or depleted resourcing caused by unsafe practices.
Reduce risk
Reduce risk
Minimize the potential for costly litigation from serious or long-term workplace injuries.
Reassure staff
Reassure staff
Employees are assured of the employers’ concern for their health and safety, and that any concerns will be addressed.
Reinforce values
Reinforce values
Expectations around correct procedures and behaviors are clear to all staff, especially new hires.
Strengthen communication
Strengthen communication
Safety messages are made more effective through real-time data-driven insights.

Features To Level Up Your Safety Communications

Improving safety communication in the workplace is easy with these special features of the SnapComms platform. 

  • Targeting
    Staff have limited time and capacity to read and absorb new information. Only send them content that’s relevant to their role or location. Set up custom groups to communicate most relevantly with employees. For example, mobile comms to remote workers, scrolling tickers for call center staff, or digital signage for retail workers.
  • Preconfiguring
    Develop a plan for all health and safety topics you wish to communicate, then create messaging in advance to save time and neglect nothing later on. Set up targeted audience groups as well so that no time is wasted if an urgent notification needs to be sent.
  • Compliance
    For safety policies that require proof of employees’ commitment, include a confirmation piece stating “I comply” or “I agree” within a campaign.
  • Reporting
    Real time tracking provides insights into readership at employee or team level, providing assurance that all staff are being reached.

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