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What Is An Internal Newsletter?

The SnapComms Internal Newsletter is an exciting tool for engaging your staff. It allows communicators to publish company news and information directly to employees in a high quality, beautifully-branded, and engaging way. 

SnapComms Internal Newsletter is unlike others as our delivery is via a pop-up notification, direct to employees’ screens. This means the notoriously cluttered email channel is completely bypassed, therefore staff readership is significantly higher.

By combining company content into a single asset not only boosts employee awareness and engagement but noticeably reduces the number of unnecessary internal emails – a universal objective for most employers.  

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How An Internal Newsletter Works

Our Internal Newsletters are easy and enjoyable to create! Simply load your content - such as video, text, images, and more - into the SnapComms Content Manager, add your own design touches, choose your target audience and publish.

Your branded newsletter is delivered as a webpage, delivered directly to employees' screens. This gives you the freedom to display video content and other visual formats including scrolling tickers, slide shows, iFramed webpages and images for ultimate engagement levels.

Combine multiple emails, announcements, and acknowledgments into your corporate newsletter - and save your staff from repeated interruptions.

Why Are Newsletters So Powerful?

Company newsletters are a classic foundation asset for internal communications. But digital transformation has revolutionized the once-popular printed company update to today’s more striking, interactive, and dynamic approach. This has far greater appeal to today’s digital-loving workforce.

A well-produced newsletter promotes team spirit, provides context, and clarifies corporate purpose. It can help to break down silos by encouraging camaraderie among staff who might be separated by cubicles, team designations, or departmental assignments.

Most importantly, they are a fundamental internal communication device ideal for longer-form content compiled into one beautiful, digital package. 

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Common Use Cases: Internal Newsletters In Action

Bring your company newsletter to life with SnapComms Internal Newsletter software. See your content presented in a professional and dynamic format, thereby increasing employee awareness and engagement.

  • Organizational Updates
    Provide multiple news items in a single update (without overloading emails) to motivate, create awareness, and engage staff
  • HR News
    Drive awareness of HR initiatives, training programs, career development opportunities, starters and leavers, job vacancies and more
  • Change Updates
    Reinforce change initiatives to increase awareness, help staff adapt and provide forward-thinking content to get staff on the ‘change journey’
  • Celebrating Employees’ Success
    Recognize accomplishments by way of video and text-based interviews, calling out star teams and employees (and help inspire others)
  • Behavioral Reminders
    Reinforce high standards and ethical behavior by providing case studies of desired behavior e.g. caution required for cyber security; achieving compliance; promoting wellness; and a health and safety-focused culture
  • Themed Newsletters
    For major projects centered on a single theme - such as an office move or a new business initiative - combine all related content into a single 'go to' newsletter asset, enabling staff find latest updates in one place

Ready To See Newsletters At Work?

See the employee engagement potential of digital newsletters for yourself with a no-obligation demo from one of our communication specialists.

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Special Features Of The SnapComms Platform

When we distributed our original internal newsletter by email, it just got lost. Staff never saw it. With SnapComms, we can now track who’s opened and read our newsletter. Staff get excited about it, and we can see which content pieces are popular, to help us continuously improve.


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