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Bringing sexy back for customer funded businesses

Posted 12 July, 2019

When we tell people that we have well over million paid enterprise users in 75+ countries most people are impressed.  Then we might tell them that our HQ is in Auckland New Zealand and we are bootstrapped. The reaction is usually surprise sometimes followed by the statement "If you had VC funding / moved to Silicon Valley you could become a Unicorn".  Seriously? Is that the gold standard to measure against?  

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10 Essential Cyber Security Tips For Employees In Higher Education

Posted 10 July, 2019

Just a few short years ago, cyber security was a barely-recognized threat. It felt intangible, unlikely, a concern for the future perpetrated by bored yet technically gifted teenagers.

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10 Ways To Engage Employees With Year-End Financial Results

Posted 26 June, 2019

The end of the business fiscal year is fast approaching for many organizations. The results of 12 months of effort are revealed. A yardstick is planted for how successful the business has been – and what the future may hold.

Internal Communications

Psst! Is Water Cooler Talk Killing Your Workplace?

Posted 20 June, 2019

Psst! Want to hear something juicy? Workplace gossip that often takes place around the water cooler could be seriously harmful for your organizational health.

Human Resources

IABC Conference Insights - From Message Fatigue To Memorable Moments

Posted 14 June, 2019

The annual IABC internal communications conference lit up Vancouver this year and the SnapComms team were there. Not just attending, but presenting a masterclass in internal comms.

Internal Communications

Working Well – Best Ways to Improve Your Workplace Wellness Programs

Posted 12 June, 2019

Employees are typically spending less time physically active and more time at their desk. This can have a detrimental impact on them – and the organization. There’s no longer any doubt that work affects health.

Human Resources

5 Key Customer Success Insights From The Pulse Conference

Posted 06 June, 2019

Customer Success is essential in business today. It’s a powerful tool for organizations to proactively get ahead of risks and capitalize on opportunities. The proof is there for all to see.

Internal Communications

How Better Executive Communication Improves Staff Buy-in

Posted 30 May, 2019

There’s a lot riding on C-suite executives. As well as guiding the organization’s strategic direction, they fulfill a critical role in executive communication. Theirs is the voice employees look to for wisdom, certainty and assurance.

Internal Communications

Top 5 Reasons You Don’t Need Internal Communications (And Why They're Garbage)

Posted 24 May, 2019

Ask any IC professional and they’ll tell you.

Selling the value of internal communications to senior management is difficult.

Internal Communications

12 Ways To Create An Unmissable Cyber Security Awareness Campaign

Posted 16 May, 2019

Staff are your organization’s Achilles heel when it comes to cyber security.

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