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The 6 Best New Internal Communications Tools For 2020

Posted 15 January, 2020 in Internal Communications

Here’s a new year’s challenge for you. Take your internal communications plan for the year and shake it up a little. You don’t want to just send company messages in the same old ways. And neither do your employees.

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Internal Communications 2019 Year In Review

Posted 11 December, 2019

You’ve probably heard of phonebooth stuffing. It involves as many people as possible cramming themselves into a phone booth – with one of them usually then needing to answer the phone. Strange as it sounds, it was quite a fad for a while.

Internal Communications

HR Annual Planning Calendar 2020 – Free Download

Posted 04 December, 2019

So you’ve come up with some awesome HR activities and events for 2020? Or have some big, juicy internal communications strategies to launch? That’s fantastic – but hard to keep track of, right?

Human Resources

Internal Communications Trends 2020

Posted 20 November, 2019

Remember The Jetsons tv show?

Taking flying cars to work; living in floating buildings; having robot housekeepers.

The future seemed so exotic – even if the reality hasn’t quite stacked up yet.

Internal Communications

8 Must Read Employee Engagement Statistics Every Manager Should Know

Posted 14 November, 2019

You’ve heard the saying that an army marches on its stomach.

Unless the troops are well-fed and their appetites satisfied, they won’t perform.

Human Resources

The Building Blocks of Great Internal Communications

Posted 08 November, 2019

Internal communications is a bit like building a house. There are lots of components to get right. Having a strong foundation is essential. And you definitely don’t want any gaps.

Internal Communications

Androids In The Office – Improving Workplace Culture In A Digital World

Posted 02 November, 2019

Imagine arriving at work to find robots sitting at every desk, tapping away at keyboards. Sounds like the plot of a movie. In fact, it is. It’s the world in I, Robot.

Human Resources

Focus On End User Experience To Improve IT Team Reputation

Posted 24 October, 2019

Staff are more demanding than ever of their IT teams. Uptime and seamless delivery alone don’t cut it. They also expect a great end user experience.

IT & Information Security

What Keeps Healthcare Managers Awake? Insights From 2019 Becker’s Conference

Posted 17 October, 2019

What’s keeping healthcare managers awake at night? Declining employee engagement, higher cyber security risk and growing information-overload are among the biggest issues facing the industry today.

Hospitals & Healthcare

IT Outage Notification Templates

Posted 14 October, 2019

When planning an IT outage or experiencing an unplanned outage, it’s important to communicate well with all employees affected.

IT & Information Security