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Higher Response Rates Mean Improved Decision-Making

What Is An Employee Survey?

An employee survey is a useful internal communication tool for soliciting qualitative information. Staff satisfaction, engagement, opinions, and other important metrics can be easily captured, providing an accurate picture of how staff really feel.  

The SnapComms Employee Survey features a flexible design, allowing for unlimited open-ended answer options, as well as multiple-choice, multiple selection and single answers.

It also solves the universal issue of low participation rates, thanks to its built-in reminder functionality. This means you can auto-nudge those staff who are yet to give their opinion.  

Employee survey on laptop

How An Employee Survey Works

Creating an employee survey is simple and enjoyable! Just enter your questions into the SnapComms Content Manager, add your own design touches, choose your target audience and publish.

Importantly, your survey is delivered as a pop-up notification (and not via the overloaded email channel) to appear directly on to employees' screens. This can be as a discreet small message window, or as an overt full-screen message. Employees can either ‘read now’ or ‘read later’.

Once they complete the survey, responses are recorded in the SnapComms platform for analysis. (Also see our Quiz Tool for testing staff knowledge). 

Why Are Surveys So Powerful?

The delivery format of appearing direct on-screen produces far higher response rates than traditional email-based surveys. Employees can be sent repeated reminders straight to their screen until their response is received.

Rate and frequency of recurrence can be adapted until a staff member completes the survey.

As with the SnapComms Quiz tool, there are advanced behavioral settings also available, all designed to achieve optimum response rates. 

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Common Use Cases: Employee Surveys In Action

Consulting with employees and gaining their input offers many benefits, from improved staff engagement to uncovering great ideas.

  • Employee Engagement Survey
    Learn how engaged your workforce is, and uncover actionable insights to improve organizational culture
  • Employee Advocacy
    Ask staff how likely they are to recommend your products or services to a friend
  • Pulse-Polls
    Short and specific questions that elicit powerful data to aid decision-making
  • Representative Feedback
    Recurrence feature and direct delivery ensures highest response rates from all staff – not just the ‘squeaky wheels’
  • Training Outcomes 
    Measure the effective of training initiatives and events by running post-training surveys
  • Employee Satisfaction
    Find out how staff really feel about their job, to help build positive employee relations and work environment
  • Ideas Generator
    Encourage staff to brainstorm and submit ideas for organizational improvement
  • Operational Check-ins
    Ascertain employee availability for upcoming shifts, or if their plans have been affected by severe weather
  • HR Policies
    Invite employee input on proposed HR initiatives, to gain support and evolve ideas
  • Improving Culture
    Introduce fun surveys, such as "what's your spirit animal" or "which celebrity are you?" to build workplace culture

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Special Features Of The SnapComms Platform

We wanted to understand at a deeper level how our employees are feeling. Since introducing the SnapComms employee survey tool, it's absolutely changed the dialogue we are having with our employees.

Julie Lane,

VP, Human Resources, NorthStar

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