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Employee quiz on laptop and mobile

Lift Employee Engagement With Staff Quizzes

Employee quizzes are a dynamic way to educate and connect with staff. Whether serious or frivolous, the interactive format and game-based nature drive engagement.

Use quizzes to identify knowledge gaps, teach new concepts and assess training effectiveness. Or inject some light-hearted competition to improve workplace culture.

The SnapComms Quiz appears as a pop-up on employees’ computer screens and mobile devices, producing higher response rates than traditional email-based quizzes.

Healthcare quiz on mobile

Creative Formats To Drive Your Objectives

Boost your company compliance, training and culture objectives with the SnapComms Quiz. The flexible design and simple interface includes unlimited questions and a variety of question types.

Personalize your content with full control over branding, imagery and design. Include hyperlinks to online resources for further information.

All responses are recorded in the SnapComms platform for easy analysis and exporting. Improve employee knowledge and reduce risk by identifying low-scoring staff or areas of weakness to address with further training.

Interactive And Dynamic For High Participation

Advanced settings help achieve the highest response rates. Target quizzes by team, role type or location, or send to all. Send reminders direct to employees’ computers or mobile devices until they complete the quiz.

Allow employees to view the correct answers and their final score, to introduce gamification and reinforce important information.

Combine quizzes with staff surveys for a powerful employee engagement program. Use quizzes for education and training, and surveys to collect feedback.

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Common Use Cases: Employee Quizzes In Action

  • Gamification
    Promote internal contests amongst individuals, teams and regions, and get staff competing for highest scores
  • Driving KPIs
    Support staff with their ongoing learning and performance goals, and ensure they’re on track with regular quizzes
  • Exit Interviews
    Provide a non-confrontational way for departing staff to provide personal feedback
  • Compliance
    Run scenario-style quizzes to help employees anticipate compliance situations, and consider their actions
  • Wellness
    Encourage staff to consider their own health and well-being with regular wellness quizzes
  • Employee Advocacy
    Find out if staff are likely to recommend your products or services to a friend (NPS scoring)
  • Pulse-Polls
    Aid decision-making with short and specific questions that elicit powerful data
  • Testing Knowledge
    Discover how effective a training initiative has been, with a follow-up spot quiz
  • Induction
    Help your new starters learn about the business with company quiz
  • Sensitive or Change Topics
    Allow confidential (and anonymous) responses, valuable in times of uncertainty – or even for gathering manager effectiveness feedback
  • Ethics
    Ask staff what would they do if they faced an ethical dilemma (using hypothetical examples)
  • Employee Satisfaction
    Find out how staff really feel about their job, to help build positive employee relations and work environment
  • Operational Check-ins
    Ask staff their availability (and willingness) to take on extra shifts, projects or responsibilities.

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