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Educate And Engage With Staff Quizzes

An employee quiz is a dynamic way to educate and engage staff. Gather information and insights quickly and easily. Lift engagement through the interactive format and game-based nature.

Online quizzes pop-up on employees’ computer screens and mobile devices, producing higher response rates than traditional email-based quizzes.

Combine quizzes with employee surveys for greater engagement. Use quizzes for training and culture, and surveys to collect staff feedback.

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Creative Formats To Drive Your Objectives

Employee quizzes are ideal to support your compliance, training and culture objectives.

Use quizzes for staff knowledge testing, teaching new concepts and assessing training effectiveness. Identify and resolve employee training needs to reduce organization risk.

Improve workplace culture through gamification. Quizzes create fun and excitement around any subject. Display results in leaderboards to inject some light-hearted competition.

Interactive And Dynamic For High Participation

The SnapComms Employee Quiz is simple to use yet delivers powerful results. It includes unlimited questions and a variety of question types. Flexible design and easy to use interface achieve high response rates.

Target quizzes by team, role type or location. Personalize content with your branding, imagery and design. Include hyperlinks to online resources. Send reminders to employees until they complete the quiz.

All employee responses are recorded in the SnapComms platform for easy analysis and exporting. Improve staff knowledge and workplace culture with the SnapComms Employee Quiz.

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Employee quizzes are a valuable part of your communications mix throughout the employee journey – from onboarding and check-ins, to knowledge tests and offboarding.


Customer Stories

An employee quiz can be a powerful communication tool - as organizations like these have discovered.

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