Relying On Emails Isn’t Worth The Risk

In the competitive world of financial services, businesses need every advantage. Employees are your greatest asset if they’re engaged – but your biggest risk if neglected.

Financial services businesses with highly engaged employees deliver greater shareholder returns. (Source: InfoSurv Research

But cutting through the noise to get employee attention has never been harder. Staff are overloaded with emails, working in multiple locations across your dispersed branch network, and confronted with frequent regulatory changes.

Yesterday’s communications tools don’t cut it for the modern workplace. Whether banking, insurance or other financial services, the solution lies in tools that get instant attention, visual channels to bring messages to life, and interactive tools that encourage engagement.

The SnapComms platform is the answer to your financial services communication challenges. Make unmissable announcements, improve cyber security, increase compliance and build culture – all in one simple yet powerful platform. You can bank on SnapComms
Video alert with CTO update playing
Combine impactful message tools with irresistible video content to inform and engage staff

Financial Services Communication Channels

Desktop Alerts ensure high impact to get employee attention immediately, on any device type.
Desktop Tickers newsfeed-style scrolling text provide fast delivery and high visibility.
Screensavers are powerful visual tools for promoting organizational values, events and initiatives.
Digital Internal Newsletters are a rich multimedia tool for internal communication.
survey change comms
staff Survey provides an easy way for staff to anonymously submit their feedback or suggestions.
quiz measuring comms effectiveness
Staff Quizzes can test employee product, policy or process knowledge - or just inject light-hearted fun.

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Communicating With Financial Services Staff

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