Air France Takes Employee Engagement To New Heights In Their Contact Center

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Our Customer

Air France KLM

Their Industry

Services / Aviation


London, United Kingdom

Number of Employees

80,000 (300 in the call center)


Air France KLM is one of the world’s leading airlines, employing over 80,000 staff to meet the travel needs of 140,000 passengers every day.

In 2018, it offered its customers access to a network covering 314 destinations in 116 countries thanks to its four brands Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Transavia and HOP! Air France. With a fleet of 545 aircraft in operation and 98.7 million passengers carried in 2017, Air France-KLM operates up to 2,300 daily flights, mainly from its hubs at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam-Schiphol.

Air France and KLM clocked up 85 years and 99 years of air travel excellence respectively in 2018, with no signs of stopping.

The company’s London-based European Sales & Service Centre (ESSC) plays a crucial role in the success of Air France KLM. With 300 staff spread across two locations, this busy team handles thousands of enquiries each day from travelers around the world.

Staff are constantly attending to customer calls, tweets or posts via social media, handling claims or making bookings, and flicking between different applications to find the information they need.

Georgina Gray has been Communications Officer at the ESSC for nearly 18 months. The responsibility of keeping all staff in this bustling contact center informed and engaged lies with her.

Key Challenges

Effective communication with so many staff can be challenging at the best of times. Important operational information needed to be conveyed to staff, while staff morale and satisfaction needed to be maintained.

Georgina knew that the ESSC could not rely on email alone and that a more modern approach was required – one that ensured essential information was actually read and that employees engaged with it.

Better internal communications were essential to ensure ESSC’s employee engagement didn’t hit turbulence.


The goals for Georgina were to streamline communication, cut down on the use of email and complement the internal communication platform. To achieve these objectives, she introduced a range of SnapComms channels.

Having this mix of channels allowed Georgina to empower other administrators within each area of the business to handle every communication need, from high-priority awareness to longer-term behavioral change.

Desktop tickers are designed for fast delivery and high visibility. They display scrolling text across the top of employees’ computer screens, similarly to newsfeeds. Importantly for Georgina, messages could also include hyperlinks to direct staff to their intranet for more details.

Wallpapers and lock screens are passive yet powerful tools. Their strong visuals and high repetition made them the perfect choice for Georgina to promote Air France’s values, events and initiatives.

Staff surveys closed that all-important feedback loop, providing an easy way for staff to anonymously submit their feedback or suggestions – essential for building engagement


Fast communication of operational updates and reminders were achieved through tickers. Broader promotional or social messages were communicated using wallpaper and lock screens.

Georgina summarized this by saying, “We have tried to make it not just about corporate information. We’re really focused on our people, on building a community and getting people more engaged.”


The combination of channels was used to encourage staff to visit the intranet to read the latest updates (such as departmental results or health and wellbeing events), plus build interest and excitement around events (including that highlight of the office social calendar – the Christmas party!).

In addition, it was decided to make the tools more inclusive – extending the use out to more staff than before. Georgina explains: “Previous use was very much the management sending out business-related messages. Now we have extended this to supervisors as well, so it’s not just top-down – we also have cross-departmental messages.”


In the first year of using SnapComms tools, Georgina has been pleased with how they’ve helped her achieve her internal communication goals.

Despite the unique challenges of a large, busy contact center, she has seen a real improvement in employee engagement. Staff are more invested in things that are happening in the company and are making greater use of the intranet. “SnapComms really complements our internal intranet”, believes Georgina.

Because many of their communications are visual, wallpapers and lock screens are especially effective. Georgina enthuses that lock screen is her favorite tool. She believes that it captures staff attention because they are required to view it before they log back in. “They can’t ‘X’ it away. If we’re promoting an event, the wallpaper and lock screen are much more effective”.

For the communications team at the ESSC, introducing SnapComms has been instrumental in driving employee engagement – in turn supporting their wider business goals.

We’ve seen a real improvement in employee engagement since introducing SnapComms. It’s definitely given a lift to internal comms in our contact center.

Georgina Gray Communications Officer European Sales & Service Centre, Air France KLM

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