Achieving Operational Excellence Within Healthcare 


East Berkshire Primary Care Out of Hours

Their Industry



Berkshire, United Kingdom

Number of Employees

 370 + (170 clinical, 200 admin and support)

Timely, Automated Reminders Lift Operational Performance

East Berkshire Primary Care Out of Hours (EBPCOOH) is a UK-based organization providing a range of healthcare services to its local communities. These services are usually for urgent cases, and include doctors, nurses, opticians and more – during out of hours.

The smooth operation of this busy, potentially stressful environment demands reliable and effective internal communications.  In doing so ensures key operational tasks – such as returning I.D. badges, infection control, submitting patient records, and a long list of other mandatory duties - are completed as and when they should.   

Many of its clinicians work for other health care providers. Support for these practitioners to quickly get them up to speed with EBPCOOH’s internal processes, policies and pathways is essential.

As its facilities operate outside of normal working hours, it was vital that these clinicians could easily access the information they needed to deliver the optimal patient care.

Find out how this not-for-profit social enterprise implemented a new communication solution which helped staff complete their daily tasks on time and access important information – even at 3 o’clock in the morning!  


  • To remind staff of key duties without sounding a bore!
  • To ensure critical daily tasks were completed on time.
  • To help locum clinicians find relevant information on the spot.

With SnapComms, staff get notified directly in front of them, when they have to do a certain task. This improves the quality of service [we provide].

Patrick Rogan CEO, EBPCOOH

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