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This company is a leading technology provider to the global travel and tourism industry. It serves customers in more than 160 countries around the world and is Asia’s leading provider of travel solutions and services.

The company operates 60 offices worldwide, processing more than $120 billion of estimated travel spend annually by connecting travel buyers and suppliers. Their software and distribution solutions are used by hundreds of airlines and thousands of hotel properties to manage critical operations.

As part of internal brand building, company leadership were looking for an effective communications channel to drive long-term brand involvement and communications across the company.

Key Challenges

The company wanted to maximize the role of employees in creating and managing brand value, but were challenged by a workforce dispersed across the globe and the shortcomings of traditional channels in engaging staff.

Digital communication tools would be required to help the company share its new vision consistently and guide ongoing brand management as the business evolves.

The Director of Corporate & Marketing Communications summarized the need. “Brands can’t and shouldn’t exist in just logo, ads or collateral. In order for employees to embrace the brand, they need to live in the hearts and minds of those who work with them. Only then, the brand can become genuine and create positive experiences.”


The company selected SnapComms internal communications tools to foster brand engagement and promote their internal brand campaign to employees.

“The SnapComms internal communications tools will allow us to educate employees around key brand messages and values, using not only a push strategy to facilitate brand dialogue, but also executing the program in a sustained manner,” the Director of Corporate & Marketing Communications explained.

Screensavers are powerful visual tools for brand marketing and promoting organizational values, events and initiatives.

Desktop tickers provide short, punchy updates of information at-a-glance via newsfeed-style text scrolling across the bottom of employees’ screens.

Staff quizzes lift employee engagement through gamification, as well as test understanding of brand campaign messages.


Screensavers are used for internal brand teasers during the pre-launch and launch stages of the campaign. The screensavers contain countdown clocks, images, text, flash animation and video content to build momentum towards the launch of the campaign.

Embedded hyperlinks allow staff to interact with specific messages or follow links to more information on the intranet.

Scrolling tickers help to remind staff of the weekly internal brand tutorials. They’re also used to motivate staff around the company’s brand culture and values.

A staff quiz is used to assess employee understanding of key brand messages and lessons shared through the weekly brand tutorials.


The company appointed Gosh Advertising as the brand communication agency to develop the strategic positioning of the brand and to help to define the values and personality that would launch the newly created campaign.

Kelvin Tan, General Manager of Gosh Advertising, says, “The SnapComms tools provide a range of ways to encourage and motivate staff to actively participate with the brand, and allow us to go beyond just internal communications – it allows us to inspire the confidence of its stakeholders too.”

The SnapComms tools have demonstrably helped this travel services provider share its new vision consistently and foster internal brand engagement as the business evolves.

SnapComms has innovative internal communications tools that are easy to use, and they offer excellent customer support.

Kelvin Tan General Manager, Gosh Advertising (partner agency)

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