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This charitable trust was set up by the health council to provide support for people wanting to quit smoking. It is a non-government organization (NGO) with no government funding, offering services including call center support, an online community, text service for youth and local community support.

The group has been growing rapidly since it was started as a small regional pilot with only five advisers. It now has 80 staff and capacity to handle up to 46,000 registered clients each year.

Due to its rapid growth, The Quit Group needed to continue to scale their services in a cost-effective efficient manner. However, their internal communications systems were lagging behind the pace of change.

Key Challenges

Communications staff were aware that they put significant effort into engaging with external audiences through mass media advertising and external public relations. It was important to put a similar level of effort into communicating with their internal audiences as well. The challenge was to do this in a simple and inexpensive way.

The Quit Group faced the additional problem of tight budgets and staffing when implementing a solution.

In 2006 a staff satisfaction survey was conducted which revealed a number of problems with internal communications. Very few call center staff were reading emails; there was limited communications channels upwards to give staff a voice; information cascade from managers to teams was inconsistent; and ad-hoc communications had become excessive.

As well as addressing these issues, The Quit Group also had to consider culturally appropriate communications for their high percentage of Maori and Pacific Island staff, communicating effectively with part-time staff, and measuring the effectiveness of their communications initiatives.


The Quit Group worked closely with SnapComms to develop a solution that met all of its communications objectives. Their toolset included:

Screensavers use images and animation to convey messages powerfully.

A Staff Quiz is an interactive quiz for testing knowledge and injecting fun.

Staff Surveys are interactive tools to capture employee opinions and suggestions.

Desktop Ticker delivers latest news and updates via scrolling newsfeeds direct to employee screens.


Screensavers are used to promote activities and overcome email avoidance. At any stage in The Quit Group office, there are screensavers sequencing on a number of computer screens acting as dynamic billboards around the business.

As well as promoting organizational values and general business notices, The Quit Group have also found that screensavers are a good way of achieving business unit buy-in to the communications process.

Communications Manager, Penny St John, noted, “I was surprised how quickly and easily a screensaver could be set up and sent out.”

screensaver link to intranet

Staff surveys are employed to measure communications effectiveness, benchmark attitudes and gather important feedback. Staff are now able to ‘communicate upwards’ on a regular basis, and The Quit Group can now easily measure communications effectiveness.

The call center identified the tickets as a useful way to rapidly alert staff of any unexpected outages or breaking news within the anti-smoking sector.

Different business functions within The Quit Group have used staff quizzes differently. The call center use quizzes as part of a continuous quality improvement program. Human Resources use quizzes for fun and to boost morale and engagement. Maori services used the quiz for a Maori language quiz.


SnapComms tools have helped The Quit Group meet all their internal communications objectives. A follow up staff survey was implemented (using the SnapComms Survey tool). Despite the survey being carried out during a time of organizational restructure, communications improvements were seen in many areas.
  • 100% of staff noticed the new Quit Group screensavers
  • 92% of staff strongly agreed or agreed they could access the information they needed to do their jobs
  • 88% of staff perceived that they now received information at the right time

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