Internal Communications For Distributed Medical Teams



Their Industry



Knoxville, Tennessee, United States

Number of Employees

700 (based across 11 locations)

Solving The Problem Of Missed Messages For Busy Staff

OrthoTennessee is a leading US orthopaedic surgery practice, treating musculoskeletal system injuries and problems. It brings together the best orthopaedic physicians to provide patients state of the art orthopaedic care.

In addition to improving patient health, OrthoTennessee wanted to improve their own company health.

A primary goal of management was to be recognized as a top workplace. However, a number of obstacles stood in the way.

Employees were widely dispersed across multiple locations, and naturally were often busy attending to patients. An organizational survey revealed that the top concern of staff was better, more frequent communication from management. 

Previous efforts had met with minimal success, and managers were anxious to ensure staff were “really reading” what they were sending.

OrthoTennessee needed a platform which would get employee attention, and provide the tools to continually improve their messages for greater effectiveness. Hear from Karen Clark how they achieved this.


  • To improve internal comms and become a 'top workplace'
  • To address issues arising from low staff readership of internal comms.
  • To resolve staff’s desire for better, more frequent communications.

With SnapComms, we see a lot more people responding. We know they’re really reading what we’re putting out.

Karen Clark CIO, OrthoTennessee

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