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This retail business is a specialist division of its parent company providing IT and business services to the retail sector.

Key Challenges

Company research showed that employees were receiving too many internal emails. This was affecting employee productivity and causing important messages to be overlooked.

Consequently, the company had to find a solution to reduce internal email volumes and still ensure that important messages reached employees.

The Marketing & Communications Manager captured the problem as, “We had problems with people receiving far too many emails – internal, business & spam.”

To overcome this issue, the company needed an alternative to email that would get through to employees and ensure that important staff messages were seen.


Reducing internal email volumes can provide a significant productivity improvement across an organization.

The SnapComms digital newsletter attracted them because the format provides fewer interrupts per week and allows users to scan the aggregated messages for articles of specific interest to them. It reduces the need for mass internal emails and cuts the time taken by staff to review this information.

“When doing research into the problems of internal communications within large, diverse companies, this was the only tool I found that catered for our particular needs,” affirmed the Marketing & Communications Manager.

Digital internal newsletters are a rich multimedia tool for creative storytelling and conveying internal information in an appealing, low-intrusion way.

Application And Results

The use of innovative digital tools helped this retail business reduce internal email overload by automatically aggregating internal emails into a staff newsletter.

For example, rather than IT, Marketing, HR, Corporate Comms and other departments sending their updates via separate mass internal emails, all these messages were consolidated into the same staff newsletter.

Any retail employee can click to submit newsletter articles or messages. The administrator then sets up the layout of each newsletter and then reviews and approves appropriate articles prior to publication.

“It enables us to effortlessly keep in touch with subdivisions within our company whilst working in the office, or remotely, in a medium that doesn't get lost due to too many emails flooding our inboxes,” said the Marketing & Communications Manager.


In addition to the staff newsletter, the company also use SnapComms Desktop Alerts and Desktop Ticker tools to deliver urgent and high importance messages directly onto the computer screens of targeted employees.

“The SnapComms tools can cut-through and proactively push information to where it is needed,” continues the Marketing & Communications Manager. “This is an important factor for us.”


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Our target audience notice our communications, they're not getting lost, which makes the SnapComms internal communications channels the most effective method for us.

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