Reducing Internal Email Overload

Email overload in retail - Case Study

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Customer Profile:

Innovative digital tools help this retail business conquer internal email overload and reduce internal email overload by automatically aggregating internal emails into a staff magazine using SnapComms’ internal staff newsletter tool.


Business Profile:

This retail business is a specialist division of its parent company providing IT and business services to the retail sector. It has over 500 employees who were suffering from internal email overload. They aren't alone in the challenge with internal email overload. In fact IDC estimate the average information worker spends 13 hours per week on email at an average cost of US$21k per employee.

“We had problems with people receiving far too many emails – internal,

business & spam” explains Marketing & Communications Manager.


Internal Communications Situation:

Internal research showed that employees were receiving too many internal emails. This was affecting employee productivity and also important internal messages were being overlooked. Consequently, the company had to find a solution to reduce internal email volumes and still ensure that important messages reached employees.


Internal Communications Objectives:


- Get through to employees using a method other than email

-Ensure employees were see important staff messages 

How they met their objectives:

This retail company has recently reduced it’s internal email using SnapComms’ newsletter tool which permits internal messages, intended for more than a few recipients, to be easily aggregated into a ‘one stop’ staff magazine format. For example, rather than IT, Marketing, HR, Corporate Comms, and so on, sending their updates via separate mass internal emails, all of these messages can be consolidated into the same staff magazine.

Research shows that the majority of employees react to emails within 6 seconds of them arriving (70%) plus there is a 64 second email recovery time. So any efforts to reduce internal email volumes can provide a significant productivity improvement across an organization.

The newsletter format provides fewer interrupts per week and allows users to scroll and scan the aggregated messages for articles of specific interest to them. The SnapComms staff newsletter reduces the need for mass internal emails and cuts the time taken by staff to review this information.

“When doing research into the problems of internal communications within large, 

diverse companies, this was the only tool I found that catered for our particular needs” 



Internal newsletter example


“It enables us to effortlessly keep in touch with sub divisions within our company whilst working in the

office and remotely in a medium that doesn't 'get lost' due to too many emails flooding our inboxes.”



Learn more about SnapComms' internal newsletter tool: 


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Any retail employee can click to submit newsletter ‘articles’ or messages. The staff newsletter administrator(s) set up the layout of each newsletter/magazine and then simply review and approve appropriate articles prior to publication.


In addition to reducing internal email volumes, the newsletter has other benefits as well:

- Each newsletter article /message can have a unique expiry times associated and be automatically removed from the staff magazine (and employee computers) after a defined period of time.

This helps with data storage and archiving aspects of internal messages.

- Staff can search a database and revisit past articles.
Articles are ‘user generated’; hence the time and resource to produce an internal staff magazine can be dramatically reduced.

- Employee involvement can help break down silos and improve horizontal communications.

- New editions can bypass email altogether and be promoted as scrolling desktop news feeds to ensure message cut through.

- Reporting on which articles are being read and by whom helps ensure that the channel remains effective

  • “SnapMag's use of user generated content allows everyone to be part of the process
  • of including information in the magazine” - Marketing & Communications Manager.
  • alert-example.png
  • Desktop Alert Example

  • In addition to the staff newsletter, Wipro Retail use SnapComms’ Desktop Alerts and Scrolling Newsfeed tools to deliver urgent and important messages directly onto the computer screens of the targeted employees.

  • The SnapComms tools can cut-through and proactively push information
  • to where it is needed. This is also an important factor for us.”

  • In conclusion the Marketing & Communications Manager stated Our target audience notice our communications, they're not getting lost,
  • which makes the SnapComms internal communications channels the most effective method for us.”



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