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Getting through to employees with SnapComms tools - Case Study

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Customer profile

One of Australasia’s largest provider of repair services for laser printers, faxes, multifunction devices and copiers decide to employ SnapComms internal communications tools to improve their internal communications. With an extremely busy work environment, they were finding that typical employee communication channels, such as internal email notifications, were often not being read by staff as they were leaving them to read at a time when they were not so busy.


“In many cases the ‘quiet time’ did not eventuate which resulted in the email communication being forgotten about or

left for so long that it had lost relevance when finally read.”  - Brett, Marketing & Communications Manager


Internal communications situation

As a result, the repair service provider was looking for an innovative internal communication tool that would deliver instant information to employees and found SnapComms’ Scrolling Desktop Ticker met their requirements.



- Increase perceived importance of internal messages 

-  Make internal messages more fun and interesting 

- Achieve message cut-through without interrupting staff


“We wanted a communications tool that would deliver internal communications in a way that was easy for our employees to read

and absorb and could be integrated into their working day without distracting them from the task they were working on” continues Brett.

 communicate with employees

Scrolling desktop ticker example


How they met their objectives

The SnapComms scrolling desktop ticker tool has helped them overcome internal email apathy by delivering targeted information updates onto the screens of employees. It allows the internal communications team to target updates to specific staff or groups of staff and push them out onto the appropriate computer screens.

Scrolling Desktop Ticker help this company spice up employee communications, they have been able to spice up employee communications and improve message cut-through and understanding using scrolling desktop ticker for employee communications.


“We use the scrolling ticker tool to push information to our staff across Australia. We use it for both important company information and socially.

We can target specific groups of employees and send tailored messages to them. For example, we can advise our sales staff of a pricing change quickly”.


Unlike other news feed solutions, the SnapComms’ scrolling desktop ticker tool does not require RSS to operate. They can now write news feed headlines and direct employees to further information via message boxes or hyperlinks. Message recurrence can be set up based on the acknowledgement or behavior of the targeted employee. Or for important messages, the news feed can scroll continuously until clicked on.


scrolling sales messages

Sales message by scrolling desktop ticker

The Results

The service provider found the scrolling desktop ticker to be a novel yet effective internal communication tool that staff actually enjoy using. This is in stark contrast to the ‘yet another email’ mindset that preceded its use.

When asked why the company chose to use scrolling desktop ticker for employee communications, Howard explained “It’s a fresh and interesting communication tool and very easy to use. It’s well priced and importantly, it adds a touch of fun to the (sometimes) boring yet necessary company notifications.”


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