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SnapComms has really helped improve and revitalise internal communication across our global business. With offices in 10 jurisdictions, we are able to ensure that all 370 members of our staff receive targeted, engaging messages directly to their computers without clogging their inboxes, and which we know are being seen. The platform is easy to use and the support we have received has been second to none."
- Leanne Harker, Head of Marketing

“SnapComms has been a great communication tool for Comcast. It has allowed us to emphasize key initiatives and get better employee engagement through push messaging and tracking responses.” They have been responsive to adding additional features and designing solutions to help employees deliver business results.”
− Dan Pryor, Director Communications
“SnapComms have enabled us as a company spread over many locations to broadcast messages to a wide audience as some users do not have email but have access to computer terminals. I have found the support team very proactive in any queries and look forward to using the offerings we have purchased to their full potential”
- Trevor Bell, IT and Infrastructure Manager
“SnapComms is a key tool for sending information to stores.”
“Store staff on the shop floor needed something that popped up in whatever tool they were using and SnapComms gave us that ability. It is the tool we use to push information to store staff.”
“SnapComms is just an accepted way for staff to receive communications.”
− Sarah Arthur, Retail Communications Manager
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"SnapComms has greatly improved our ability to get messages out to our users. We are now able to send out organisation wide and also targeted alerts which we know are being seen by staff."
− Stephen Cotton, Head of ICT
“SnapComms has helped the RAC to deliver targeted real-time communications across our sales & service contact centre. Bespoke templates and easy to use software enable us to instantly share urgent business updates with a variety of colleagues and report on who has or has not read each message. The installation project was smooth, efficient and professional and their ongoing support has helped us to further utilize this treasured tool.”
− Toby Hughes, Marketing Communications Consultant at RAC
"Using SnapComms is a great way to capture our employees attention in our business, we mainly use the ticker option and desktop pop up alerts which we find short and sweet. It is a quick and easy way to let the business know what's happening and gives employees a boost when they are doing well. Our employees can carry on with their busy days and read the pop ups at a glance. They also have the the option to download and read further as and when needed. Our business is a recruitment agency so we thrive on communication, SnapComms is the perfect tool for us to do this."
− Sarah Clarke, Front of House Executive/Administrator, Morgan McKinley
“SnapComms is a very useful tool providing diverse communications options; It helps both with promoting our Company vision to providing employees with important notices, from IT outages to best practice hints and tips.  It complements our internal communications and intranet systems through it’s provision of instant on screen notifications.”
− Scott Bovey, IT Infrastructure and Support Manager, Midas Group
Hey team design/tech wizards of Snapcomms!

Thank you so much for creating our version of Snapcomms to look and feel just like we did it ourselves! JUCYcomms!
The templates and tickers are outstanding, but the client icon and message history customization is out of the world! We love how it looks like a JUCY product and fits our brand guidelines perfectly!
Every time I open my message history, or a ticker comes across the bottom of my screen, I let out an internal squeal of excitement!
So thank you, for everything being perfect and delivered on time!

− Rachel , JUCYcomms devotee..
SnapComms 24 hour Service Desk Team

I want to commend Ashish Rajput on his skills with the SnapComms software and servers. He is credited with getting our server application, activated and tested. Thank you.

− Dwayne Bruns

I felt very comfortable working with the team, Paul and assured that he would be able to assist me in getting the performance and use out of the application. Thank you for excellent support.

− Montressa, Meridian 

Leaving this feedback because I was extremely satisfied with the SnapComms team and their response to the situation at hand. Thank you to Rob Drasin, Paul Tyson and Chetna Chadha!

− Matt Michaels

I received a call from the Helpdesk today in the morning. Because of 13 hours time difference this was not expected from me. And they had reviewed my questions before they called me and had a solution on their hands.

− Torsten Schild

“The support team always provides the best and most thorough support. We use SnapComms daily and it’s changed the way communications have been sent throughout the company. We used to have an intranet site that displayed outages, but it never alerted anyone. Now we’ve been able to tailor different alerts depending on the severity, and even schedule them according to planning outages. Additionally, I think it’s helped our marketing department streamline some of their processes. Before SnapComms our marketing department would create an image, upload it to special location on a server and group policy would push the image to all the workstation. We also have a few televisions hooked up to a PC that displays current events. Previously the marketing team would have to make a powerpoint, upload it to another program and display it on the televisions. We’ve been able to streamline all this with SnapComms and no longer have to worry about uploading files to different locations. It’s really a great product and very flexible and easy to use. It’s crazy to think how we used to do things.” 
− Systems Administrator, Information Technology Department
“SnapComms has allowed Tulsa Transit to keep safety forefront in the minds of our public transit bus operators. Dispatchers, who are responsible to announce safety messages six times per day, work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. As they manage the multiple demands of their jobs, safety message announcements can easily get overlooked. By scheduling safety messages via SnapComms in advance and having those messages boldly displayed on computer screens at pre-determined times throughout the day, Dispatchers can help bus operators maintain a consistent focus on safety. Safety is Tulsa Transit’s number one job and SnapComms is providing a tool to help us be successful.”
− Debbie Ruggles, Assistant General Manager
“In the two years that we've been using SnapComms, it's proved to be a valuable tool in communicating with our customer services teams. The tool's effectiveness in delivering timely, targeted messages ensures that our advisers have relevant, up-to-date information so that they can deliver great service to our customers.”
− Neil Hunsworth, Employee Engagement Manager
“SnapComms enables us to reach more personnel instantaneously where radios or pagers may lose connectivity in some areas of the plant or may have been disabled.”
“Every time we had to use SnapComms for a real event, it has worked every time.”
“SnapComms is dynamite.”
− Major Manufacturing Company, Head of Security
“I liked it the first time I saw it and as time progressed I learned a bit more about it.”
“I am totally satisfied with SnapComms. I love it, love its features. I love the fact that it is always evolving.”
− Major Utility Company, Senior Supervisor
“We needed something that was flexible, easy to use, that could target the whole organization, parts of it or individuals.”
“If they see an alert they know it is worth reading.”
− Eli Fernández, IT Service Management Lead EMEA
Towers Watson
"People really like it as no-one else does it.”
“It allows us to get a message out very easily.”
“It’s a very good tool. For me it’s a complete no-brainer.”
− Will Packard, Global Head of Marketing, Foreign Exchange
“Staff will receive up-to-date statuses on service outages and events. It provides us with a means to send staff reminders of company events and product information.”
− Gary Jenswold, Assistant Vice President, IT Operations
1st Source Bank
“SnapComms has improved our internal communications tremendously, which ultimately helps us serve the public more effectively and efficiently.”
“There are so many good stories of how Intel TV has improved our operations. We regularly get phone calls from officers saying things like ‘okay we got him (the suspect or criminal)… you can take that (alert and photo) down now’”
− Michael Madden, Assistant Police Chief
Riviera Beach Police Department
“We have found screensavers invaluable when we need to communicate and celebrating our successes. They are simple to execute and are immediate and impactful”.
“There was also a need for a tool that would add to flexibility to the suite of disaster response and issues communications, and the pop-up alerts tool has achieved this.”
“We’re delighted with the way the tools have helped us improve our communications across the organisation, break down silos and help create an all-important team atmosphere across the group”.
− Diane Robinson, Head of Communications
Telstra Clear
“The SnapComms internal communications tools brighten the office making it more vibrant. It has positively impacted on staff engagement levels and brand alignment”
− Matt East, Internal Communications
Vodafone NZ
“SnapComms staff survey is a great benchmarking tool”
− Annette Culpan, Internal Communications Manager
Vodafone NZ
“I was surprised how quickly and easily a screensaver could be set up and sent out”
− Penny St John, Communications Manager
The Quit Group
“We can now ensure that imporant information is communicated to every employee and we can easily measure information cut through”
− Julia Hope, Communications Manager
Laser UK
“Information Cascade has improved dramatically since we have implemented the SnapComms call center communication system; we are now communicating in an engaging, interactive and effective way.”  
− Alison Rooney, Internal Communications Coordinator
Laser UK
 “They are easy to use and have great flexibility in the style of message that can be displayed. They are also easy to implement with no complicated network setups required.” 
− Yusuf Cajee, Marketing/Product Development
Freedom Healthcare
“I wanted to let you know that you have been the best, most accommodating technology vendor I have worked with in my career, not only quick to respond but willing to change, adapt and customise your products to suit my specific needs. Thank you for your support and for an excellent working relationship.”
− Senior Communications Advisor, Healthcare Information Technology
“On doing research into the problems of internal communications within large, diverse companies, this was the only tool I found that catered for our particular needs”
“It enables us to effortlessly keep in touch with sub divisions within our company whilst working in the office and remotely in a medium that doesn't get 'lost' due to too many emails flooding our inboxes.”
“SnapMag's use of user generated content allows everyone to be part of the process of including information in the magazine”
− Cosima Wagner, Marketing & Communications
“The SnapComms software has been really good. We recently went live with a project that we have been working on for years, literally. SnapComms was very useful when it came to putting out messages about the new system.”
− Milan Hira, IT Manager
AJ Park
“This is a great idea as I have access to the information I need to work better. I have improved my resolution rates because I get information faster and I am able to deliver it to the customer sooner. The SnapComms pilot made it easier for me to find information.”
− Nicola Hanson, Senior Manager, Knowledge Management Content & Communications
“We have already seen a much greater understanding and subsequent adoption of particular company/strategic notifications or policy changes.”
“It’s a fresh and interesting communication tool and very easy to use. It’s well priced and importantly, it adds a touch of fun to the (sometimes) boring yet necessary company notifications.”
Brett Howard, Marketing & Communications Manager
“We used to struggle to get people to read and reply to emails. Now using SnapComms, we get a much higher response rate in a much shorter timeframe”
“We’ve significanly reduced the number of all-staff emails that our people receive by utilizing the SnapComms channels. It’s a far more effective alternative to email communications, especially as it allows us to track – in real-ime - who has received the messages.”
“The SnapComms internal communications tools are a great way to communicate with staff in an academic environment.”
“Screensaver messages have really helped to build our internal brand and culture and act as mini-billboards promoting things of benefit and interest to staff.”
”Thanks to the use of Snap Communication tools, we have increased use of our intranet by more than 40% in the first year.”
− Annabel Barbosa, Director, Communications
“The SnapComms internal communications tools will allow us to educate employees around key brand messages and values, using not only a push strategy to facilitate brand dialogue, but also executing the program in a sustained manner.”
“The main selling point for us was the flexibility of content administration and targeted messaging."
“The SnapComms tools also provide a range of ways to encourage and motivate staff to actively participate with the brand, and allow us to go beyond just internal communications – it allows us to inspire the confidence of its stakeholders too.”
− Linda Koh, Director of Corporate & Marketing Communications,
− Kelvin Tan, General Manager of Gosh Advertising (advertising agency partner)
“The SnapComms channels offer a very effective way to communicate with geographically distributed stores and in a retail environment."
− Emmajane Johnson, Retail Communications Manager
virgin mobile
“SnapComms tools are a fantastic way to 'push' communications to your business. They cut through the clutter and are measurable"
− Josie Heap, Former Intranet Manager
Yellow Pages
“The SnapComms tools have made it possible for me to communicate with our staff in creative, engaging and energetic ways. It’s had a very positive impact on our culture.”
− Carly Orr, Internal Communications Manager
“The SnapComms tools are fantastic for any company where staff are getting bogged down by too many emails." 
− Annabel Gould, Communications Manager

“The main selling point for us was the flexibility of content administration and ease of targeting messages.”
− Ray Thomas, Helpdesk Manager
“Thank you for your fantastic efforts and passion in developing and launching our new Internal Communications Channels - Well Done!"
− Sara Mohamed-Mustafa, Intranet Coordinator
“The SnapComms tools allow us to educate employees around key brand messages and values."
"The main selling point for us was the flexibility of content administration and targeted messaging. We prefer to be a corporate office that partners and collaborates with our field locations."
− Rella Stone, Senior Manager, Information Security

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