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When Our Customers Are This Happy, We're Happy

Our customers have told us how much they love SnapComms and the results they've seen since working with us. Now we're sharing these with you.

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High Communication Cut-Through


"We’re using SnapComms tools for all our communications now – not just for census and IT outages – but for everyday items too. We’re finally getting the message cut through that’s so essential for our employees, and ultimately for the patients we care for."

Mitze Amoroso
Chief Information Officer, Archcare


"SnapComms is a key tool for sending information to stores. Staff on the shop floor needed something that popped up in whatever tool they were using and SnapComms gave us that ability. It is the tool we use to push information to store staff."

Sarah Arthur
Retail Communications Manager, Virgin Mobile


"SnapComms has improved our internal communications tremendously, which ultimately helps us serve the public more effectively and efficiently. There are so many good stories of how Intel TV has improved our operations.”

Michael Madden
Assistant Police Chief, Riviera Beach Police Department

Better Employee Engagement


"SnapComms has been a great communication tool for Comcast. It has allowed us to emphasize key initiatives and get better employee engagement through push messaging and tracking responses. They have been responsive to adding additional features and designing solutions to help employees deliver business results."

Dan Pryor
Director of Communications, Comcast


"We’ve seen a real improvement in employee engagement since introducing SnapComms. It’s definitely given a lift to internal comms in our contact center."

Georgina Gray
Communications Officer European Sales & Service Centre, Air France KLM


"We’re delighted with the way the tools have helped us improve our communications across the organization, break down silos and help create an all-important team atmosphere across the group."

Diane Robinson
Head of Communications, TelstraClear

Overcoming Information-Overload


"Staff love the fact that they no longer have to dig around trying to find an email, or disturb a colleague to get the right answer. With the ticker, it’s right there in front of them, in a single steady stream."

Nikki Sosa
Section Supervisor, Texas Tech


"With SnapComms, staff get notified directly in front of them, when they have to do a certain task. This improves the quality of service [we provide]."

Patrick Rogan
CEO, East Berkshire Primary Care Out of Hours

Attention-Grabbing Time-Critical Comms


"Staff now feel reassured that IT problems are being worked on and a resolution is near. They are more aware, better informed and have a reduced need to reach out to the Helpdesk for updates."

Steve Czapla
Director of IS Customer Support, Mainline Health Systems

Improving Response Rates


"SnapComms helped us achieve significantly better survey response rates and reduce repetitive tasks for IT."

William Wan
Head of Teaching Technologies, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


"With SnapComms, we see a lot more people responding. We know they’re really reading what we’re putting out."

Karen Clark
CIO, OrthoTennessee

Wallowa Memorial Hospital - Logo & Name-556585-edited

"More users see and receive our messages quicker than ever before. We can reach those in conference room meetings and surgery staff in operating rooms; their feedback has been very positive."

John Straughan
ITS, Wallowa Community Hospital

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