Internal Communications Webinars

The New Reality of Healthcare IT and Communications - Lessons Learned from 2020

Leading healthcare industry experts share their key lessons from 2020 in this panel discussion. Real-world issues affecting healthcare communications today, tips for IT and HR collaboration, and best practices for prioritizing and delivering effective staff messaging.

Originally presented December 2020.

How Understanding Human Psychology Will Improve Your Internal Communications

Why do we react the way we do to certain messages? Why do they make us feel differently? What’s in our DNA that drives our responses?

It really is all in the mind. Understanding how people consume and interpret information is the secret to improving your employee engagement and increasing communication success.

Originally presented October 2020.

Make Your Messaging Stand Out, Get Attention and Drive Response

Businesses today are struggling more than ever with their employee communications. Messages aren’t cutting through. Why – and what can be done? Introducing the Communications Spectrum.

Originally presented August 2020.

How to Turn Your SnapComms App into an Employee App

The SnapComms Product team present the four steps to launching your next employee engagement campaign.

Originally presented September 2019.

From Message Fatigue to Memorable Moments

The importance of effectively engaging staff has never been greater – yet the challenge of actually getting employee attention has become more difficult. This presentation reveals how to:

  • Overcome the universal workplace condition of ‘message fatigue’.
  • Discover the ‘secret sauce’ to producing memorable content – whatever your communication goals, subject matter or business environment.

Originally presented at IABC 2019 conference June 2019.

How To Get Employee Attention When Everyone’s So Busy

Learn how internal communicators can effectively reach out to employees on important matters such as culture, organizational change and during an emergency. This webinar was originally co-hosted with IABC. 

Read the full webinar transcript.