SnapComms relaunches their employee communication app, making their multi-channel communication platform even more powerful


1 July 2019

AUCKLAND, New Zealand – SnapComms, a global leader in business-to-employee communication solutions, announced the relaunch of their employee communication app as part of their multi-channel platform today. Designed to give corporate communicators a more effective and flexible solution to engage employees, the app includes a visually rich newsfeed with Stories, a new social media style content format, to deliver personalized company news to staff.

As companies focus on improving the employee experience, internal communicators realize that getting employee attention has never been harder. The SnapComms platform already includes a variety of high cut-through communication formats including direct-to-screen Alerts. The addition of the redesigned employee communication app demonstrates SnapComms commitment to make their platform a complete multi-channel communication solution.

“Getting messages from across the organization in front of employees and really engaging them is becoming increasingly difficult. Top-down message cascade competes with peer-to-peer collaboration tools and smartphone notifications for employee attention. With finite capacity and time for message processing, a huge amount of content being sent goes unread, including important and even urgent communications that really matter”, said Chris Leonard, Chief Executive Officer at SnapComms. “In working with our customers, more than 10 years and 1 billion messages later, we’ve learned that diversifying communication channels and dedicating a particular channel to a specific message type is the only way that measurably gets employee attention and engagement.”

The purpose and priority of a company message – whether it is pushed out by IT, Internal Communications, or HR – should determine the type of channel and its notification format. SnapComms flexible multi-channel platform enables corporate communicators to personalize and target their messages via communication tools that offer a range of notification formats, from opt-in to highly intrusive:

  • Opt-in formats like the new Stories content format get published to the App’s newsfeed and allow employees to proactively discover non-urgent but personalized and relevant company news.
  • Passive formats like Screensavers are ideal for reinforcement and general awareness without intruding, annoying or adding to overloaded communication channels. A common use case for idle screens is reinforcing company values.
  • Intrusive formats like full-screen Alerts and Tickers should be reserved for pushing critical and urgent messages to employees immediately, such as an IT outage caused by a virus.

Access to a suite of visually flexible communication tools empowers companies to bring their communications strategy to life. Getting employee attention, no matter where they are or what device they are using, is the first step to increasing employee engagement and productivity.

SnapComms new employee communication app, which includes the Stories feature, is available today. Learn more about how a governed multi-channel communications strategy helps companies cut through the noise of information overload to drive engagement and productivity in this internal communications guide.


About SnapComms

SnapComms is a market-leading business-to-employee communication platform that gets employee attention. We empower communication professionals to get their message to the right person, at the right time, in a format that guarantees readership and engagement. The SnapComms platform comprises channels that inform and engage through a range of opt-in to highly visible formats, including Alerts, Tickers, Screensavers and Content Feeds.


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