SnapComms Achieves Information Security ISO Certification

19 June 2019

SnapComms has been awarded ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certification for achieving the highest international standards in Information Security Management and the Protection of Personally Identifiable Information.

The certification was presented to SnapComms by Craig Muir and Melissa Crozier from independent accreditation body BSI Group. The achievement was recognized in a formal presentation at SnapComms head office in Auckland, New Zealand.

Being awarded ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certification demonstrates SnapComms ongoing commitment to information security and protection. It follows extensive system and process work undertaken in 2018 to achieve compliance with new GDPR legislation.

“Receiving this certification is a fantastic endorsement of the quality of our information security,” said Gustavo Orozco, Information Security Manager at SnapComms. “It’s the result of hundreds of hours of work across our organization, in order to best protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information – both ours and that of our customers.”

The certifications cover the full scope of the SnapComms internal communication platform, including application servers, databases, networks, cloud environments and data through business activities both locally and globally.

Chris Leonard, SnapComms CEO, said, “It’s extremely gratifying for us to be recognized for our commitment to information security. For customers, these certifications provide assurance that their sensitive corporate data will have the highest levels of protection.”

ISO certification has been a globally-recognized, independent achievement for more than 80 years.

SnapComms ISO presentation

SnapComms ISO certification team


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SnapComms is the global leader in multi-channel business-to-employee communications solutions that are guaranteed to get employee attention and maximize employee engagement. The SnapComms solution is used by 2 million employees in 75 countries worldwide. It uniquely uses message prioritization technology and message channel fit to inform and engage employees across all communications use-cases.


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