SnapComms Features for Amazing Employee Communications

SnapComms offers a range of powerful features to make your messages more relevant, compelling and persuasive – delivering you greater results. We make communicating effortless and effective.

Some features are channel-specific.


Manage Messages Easily


SnapComms optimizes your messages for display on all device types – from desktop screens and mobile devices to digital signage. This ensures your content reaches every employee and is presented in the best way to maximize engagement.

Multi-device capability keeps your teams connected and informed, whether they’re in a corporate office, home office, on the road or non-desk-based role (such as healthcare, manufacturing or retail).

multi device


SnapComms supports your diversity and inclusion efforts by providing support for employees with disabilities, such as impaired vision. Screen readers are fully compatible with the SnapComms Windows and Mac apps.

Meeting Section 508 compliance means everyone in your organization has equal access to read and engage with your content – just the way it should be.


Performance dashboards and comprehensive reporting help maximize your communication effectiveness. Real-time insights show performance of message delivery, readership and engagement.

Clear, visual dashboards provide an overview of performance, while extensive reporting measures message success from a campaign to individual user level. Customize these to show all the data you want, when you need it.

SnapComms Reporting

Maximize Readership & Engagement


Improve relevance and reduce disruption by sending targeted SnapComms messages to your entire organization, individual employees, groups of employees, teams or any combination thereof. Relevance drives readership!

Existing employee groups from your staff directory can be uploaded, or groups can be created manually. Once set up, all groups are then saved for easy re-use at any time.


Set SnapComms messages for delivery at any future date and time to maximize cut-through. This could be a single fixed time or different times for different time zones.

This means messages may be embargoed until approved for release, or sent at the time when employees are most likely to read them (such as at the beginning of shifts).

Repeat scheduling allows recurring messages to be published regularly on a specific day and time, for fast and easy delivery.

message scheduling


Achieve 100% readership of your SnapComms messages by setting unread messages to recur until read. Notifications can be repeated at intervals until staff acknowledge readership or submit a response.

For critical or must-read information, recurrence is essential in getting employee attention and overcoming message avoidance - especially since emails are too easily ignored.

message recurrence

Deliver a Vibrant Visual Experience


Create messaging with wow factor with SnapComms display options. Choose from a range of different message formats to deliver greatest visual impact.

Reach employees with push notifications on mobile devices and pop-up notifications on desktop screens, with options to display over full-screen applications and locked screens.

Position notifications in different areas of the screen for specific communication types or priorities (for example, top right for IT message, bottom left for HR messages, and so on).


SnapComms brings your internal brand to life. Message templates can be customized to incorporate your brand colors, fonts and style. Content may be themed with eye-catching images and logos.

Using custom branding conveys a professional appearance to align with your corporate or external brand, and makes content more visually appealing to audiences.

Company branding for messages


SnapComms range of 80+ ready-to-use message templates allow you to send high-performing messages fast. All templates are created with pre-configured content and best practice design.

Choose from templates tailored to different industries and communication needs (for example, healthcare communications, IT outages etc.). Edit and send in seconds!

Custom templates can also be created using your brand visuals and wording, then saved for quick publishing whenever you need them.

employee communications
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