Overview Of Internal Communication Channels

Powerful Ways To Inform, Experience And Engage


Drive awareness, effect change, improve performance – the SnapComms internal communication platform delivers the outcomes your organization needs.

From priority to passive, our industry-leading solutions get your employees’ attention. We offer a unique mix of priority channels for instant cut-through and passive channels for long-term reinforcement. Guaranteed readership for unbeatable results.

Across all devices, in multiple formats, our platform connects everyone, everywhere – at precisely the right moment.

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 Unmissable pop-up messages that bypass email systems. The best option for high priority messages, such as breaking news or emergency notifications.


High-impact headlines that inform without intruding. Short, punchy text scrolls at the bottom of computer screens for immediate visibility.


Interactive pop-up tools to improve engagement. Multi-purpose to formally collect information or informally support cultural change.


A passive but highly-visual tool to bring screens alive. High repetition and full flexibility in design and format, raising employee attention and message awareness. 

Lock Screen

A unique channel for capturing staff attention and reinforcing key messages every time a computer screen is unlocked.


Interactive screensavers that transform computer screens into digital billboards. Flexible display options including video, slideshare, images, live webpages and countdown clocks to support awareness campaigns.


Corporate newsletter displaying video, live webpages, images and scrolling tickers on any desktop or mobile device. Increases awareness of and engagement with latest company news.

Panic Button

Unmissable, full-screen emergency notifications which override all other applications when there’s no time to waste.

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Platform Overview

Special Features Of The SnapComms Platform

Add-on Features

Panic Button

Create a series of pre-configured emergency notifications in advance to save time in emergencies.

SMS Messaging

Deliver messages via SMS to every employee's mobile devices.

How Does SnapComms Benefit You?


Bring your message, your brand and your culture alive. Reach your teams in powerful and inventive ways.

Imagine 100% of your employees seeing your message within moments of it being sent. SnapComms makes that possible. Compare this with email, which on average achieves only 36.5% readership (Source: Politemail).

  • Cut through workplace clutter and reduce information overload
  • Raise awareness – increase recall
  • Improve staff interaction and engagement
  • Get employee attention through the modern, consumer-grade formats they prefer
  • Improve effectiveness of platforms like your intranet
  • Grow brand strength internally
  • Increase workplace productivity
  • Be reassured that your important content is seen and read by staff


Express Onboarding With SnapComms

No time for lengthy onboarding? No problem. Express Onboarding means you’ll be up and running within 48 hours*
Dynamic formats, ready-to-use message templates and full support.

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