All your company messages in a branded employee app - on desktop and mobile

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Improve Your Employee Experience

Let Employees Discover What's New

A newsfeed as the destination for company messages ensures your content doesn’t disappear in the noise of already overloaded channels like email.

Employees can easily find newsletters and important messages, or simply explore the latest company news. Let them browse and discover on their own terms for greater engagement.


Scannable Content Gets More Attention

Stories are a bite-sized, social media style format for sharing content on your company’s newsfeed.

Messages for onboarding new staff, IT notifications and other use cases are vibrant and engaging. Concise, easy to use, and searchable - just the way employees prefer to consume content.

One App - Every Device

Reach employees wherever they are. Keep remote teams in the loop and let them easily connect with the wider organization. 

Our employee communication app works on desktop and mobile. You publish from one place and employees receive your message whatever device they're on.


Benefits Of An Employee Communication App

An all-in-one employee communication app ensures your messages reach every employee, every time. It also delivers a range of other benefits:

  • Centralized communications (full message history)
  • Accelerated information-sharing
  • Modern user experience
  • Customized with your company branding
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Enhanced company culture
  • Streamlined internal communication and HR efforts
  • Meaningful insights gained into communication effectiveness

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