Communicating With Shift Workers

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Don’t Risk Out Of Sight Becoming Out Of Mind

Shift workers are an integral part of many workplaces, but can often be overlooked. The nature of their roles mean that shift staff often feel like they lack information and opportunities.

They have less access to knowledgeable day-based staff members. They can also experience bottlenecks because decisions need to be run past management and other departments that only work during the day.

Worker accident and injury rates are 18% greater during evening shifts and 30% greater during night shifts than during day shifts. (Source: US Department of Labor)

This can have a negative effect on shift worker productivity and lead to disengagement and isolation. To address these pain points before they escalate requires a different approach to internal communication. One that speaks to shift workers the way they want to hear.

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Tools To Drive Shift Worker Performance

Traditional ‘one size fits all’ communication channels like email don’t cut it for shift workers. The SnapComms platform offers cutting-edge communication guaranteed to get cut-through – wherever your shift workers are and whatever device they’re using.

Video alerts communicate engaging messages, send out staff training, record staff meetings and messages so shift staff can be involved.

Staff quizzes test shift worker knowledge and awareness, while staff surveys give shift workers a voice by collecting their feedback and opinions.

Screensavers display reminders or promotional messages on staff desktops in a highly-visible but non-intrusive way.

Digital internal newsletters communicate staff news, industry updates and other articles relevant to shift workers to help them best manage their work.

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Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Build inclusivity

Record staff meetings, messages from the CEO and presentations, and send these via video alerts to shift workers.

  • foster a sense of involvement
  • increase organizational loyalty

Improve knowledge

Use staff quizzes to reinforce training messages and provide an interactive way for shift staff to be involved in staff training.

  • increase training effectiveness
  • identify hard-to-spot knowledge gaps

Provide support

Distribute an internal newsletter especially for shift workers, with articles sharing food tips, how to adjust to shift work, strategies for better sleeping and important company updates that affect them.

  • offer relevant, valuable resources
  • grow engagement

Encourage feedback

Involve shift workers in company changes or the working environment by capturing their opinions in staff surveys.

  • convey that their opinions count
  • learn of issues before they fester or escalate

Results With SnapComms Communication Tools

Increased engagement
Increased engagement
A more informed, inspired and valued shift workforce is a more engaged one
Improved performance
Improved performance
Shift workers never miss important information again, equipping them with everything they need to shine at their jobs
Reduced turnover
Reduced turnover
Minimize expensive staff turnover and retain high performers through feedback mechanisms and increased involvement
Strengthened culture
Strengthened culture
Support positive change through better training, educating and motivating shift workers
Reduced risk
Reduced risk
Better information and support make shift workers less prone to suffering health risks or making serious mistakes
Strengthened communication
Strengthened communication
Tracking readership and attitudes helps determine the effectiveness of your shift worker communication and any ‘black spots’

More Features For Better Communication

Improve the effectiveness of your shift worker messaging with extra features built in to the SnapComms platform.

  • Scheduling allows messages to be created in advance and sent to shift workers at the times when attendance or readership will be highest, such as at the beginning of shifts.
  • Custom groups can be set up for shift workers so that relevant messages can be sent only to them. Segment these groups further by role type, location, shift hours or anything else for even more targeted communications.
  • Targeting messages improves relevance and readership. Send messages to specific groups as required, ensuring no wastage of effort and less likelihood of staff ignoring the messages as ‘not for me’.
  • Message recurrence settings provide 100% cut-through of your essential communications, by repeating messages at specified intervals until shift staff take a particular action.
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