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Workplace Compliance Can Be A Real Challenge

There’s a lot relying on Compliance Managers. Employees must be aware of the rules that govern their role and the values underpinning the organization. Stakeholders – internal and external – need assurances of the organization’s commitment to honesty and responsible behavior.

But how to successfully achieve compliance goals when everyone’s so busy, staff come and go, and legislation evolves? Training is only part of the solution.

68% of employees fail to engage with compliance training.
(Source: CEB research)

A compliance campaign bundles messages around the same compliance topic – for example, email policy, social media policy, sexual harassment, ISO accreditation or health & safety.

Communication is the key to compliance campaigns that work. Multiple messages, delivered in multiple formats, at just the right time to change employee behavior – nurturing employees from awareness to understanding to compliance.
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So Much More Than Your Average Compliance Toolkit

The SnapComms platform delivers compliance campaigns directly to employee devices and measures performance in real time. Dynamic formats grab attention, repetition builds readership, and validation proves understanding – a compliance campaign that ticks all the boxes.
ticker on laptop screen
Scrolling desktop tickers powerfully deliver punchy messages that update staff on the status of a compliance campaign or remind them of actions required.
lockscreen example on laptop
Lock screen is the ultimate way to communicate visual compliance messages to staff throughout the day, without disrupting them. Used as part of a campaign, they can reassure employees regarding confidentiality policies or remind them of their obligation to report issues.
newsletter on mobile phone
Digital newsletters collate important compliance articles in a format staff find appealing. Include a range of multimedia to bring compliance to life, whether answering common questions, interviewing senior leaders or sharing educational videos.
video alert displaying on macbook
Desktop alerts get immediate employee attention for urgent or time-sensitive information. Messages can be delivered full screen or over the top of any other open applications if desired.
company survey on mobile phone

Employee surveys collect feedback following compliance training and can do a deeper dive into specific areas of concern. Multiple question types and easy exporting of results make management simple.


goal setting rsvp alert on tablet
The RSVP tool increases attendance of compliance training through a multi-time slot invitation system and recurrence options to encourage non-responders.

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Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


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Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Promote campaigns

Launch your new compliance campaign to the widest audience possible with high-impact Alerts delivered instantly to all desktop and mobile screens.

  • Bypass email for higher cut-through
  • Ensure inclusion of remote or field-based staff

Grow understanding

Build interest in your campaign through rich media communications. Video alerts encourage high views of your message, digital newsletters showcase compelling case studies, and quizzes test knowledge.

  • Personalize compliance and ‘soften the message’
  • Measure understanding by individuals and across departments
  • Highlight recent cases as a practical learning opportunity

Improve training

Maximize effectiveness of your compliance training program by using the RSVP tool to ensure the participation of all staff. Target non-responders with a series of escalating reminders to reduce risk of non-attendance.

  • Increase traffic to online intranet resources
  • Collect feedback on training efficacy, identify problems early and improve processes

Validate compliance

When policies, programs or legislation change, use “read and understood” acknowledgement buttons in SnapComms channels to demonstrate that information has been acknowledged as understood by each employee.

  • Include supporting material through multimedia elements and research links

Delivering Messages And Delivering Results

Higher engagement
Higher engagement
A campaign approach delivers proven higher performance, meaning employees are better informed and more involved in compliance
Reduced risk
Reduced risk
Less potential for potentially serious misconduct or non-compliance which reduces productivity, morale and business reputation
Enhanced reputation
Enhanced reputation
Perception and credibility is heightened in the marketplace and among customers
Averted crises
Averted crises
Fast and regular updates during a crisis (for example, government investigations, product recalls or fraud detected) help curtail the rumor mill and equip staff to handle interactions with stakeholders
Improved communication
Improved communication
Messages that meet their mark through real-time data-driven insights
Greater adherence to company policies across the organization establishes a platform that strengthens the business for the future

Extra Features For Compliance Campaigns

Take advantage of special features built in to the SnapComms platform to enable more effective compliance campaigns.
  • Scheduling options allow you to set messages to appear at specific local times or at a single global time for greatest cut-through in different locations.
  • Target messages to specific interest groups for better relevance and higher readership, for example sales roles, managers, compliance staff etc. Multi language options allow you to set up country-specific audience groups send specific compliance communications to employees in their own language.
  • Customized branding sets compliance messages apart from other topics and gets them noticed. Create and use dedicated logos or imagery to employees recognize the topic at a glance.
  • Flexible administration rights give permission to create and send messages to specified employees. This means local compliance staff can send communications related to their area of expertise and where they’re based.
  • Reporting and measurement of message delivery, clicks and performance provide assurance that employees have read and understood the information – essential in demonstrating that an effective program is in place. Reports can be exported to allow deeper analysis and the identification of red flags.
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