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Compliance communication is about communicating the rules, regulations and legislation that apply to an employee's industry and role, about communicating the values and integrity of the organization and about helping employees know how to do the right thing (which of course also means communicating what the right thing is and the process to do the right thing). It is also a way to demonstrate to all stakeholders (internal and external) a commitment to honesty and responsible behaviour.



Effective communication is about changing behaviour – The SnapComms visual compliance communications channels allow you to deliver bite size chunks of information in engaging formats right to employee devices without cluttering email inboxes (and inevitably being ignored). Compliance messages can be delivered to employees in multiple visual formats as a ‘campaign’ and repeated over time. Better yet, important messages can be escalated until they are read by the employee, e-signature buttons can be included with messages and reporting includes delivery, display times, interactions and employee acknowledgements.


Conflicts of Interest Screensaver

Compliance screensaver Example


Multiple visual formats - The SnapComms messaging platform allows you to deliver compliance communications as interactive sequencing screensavers, pop up messages (with recurrence and acknowledgement options), scrolling headlines,(with options for multiple collaborative writers) engaging quizzes and surveys (that are NOT buried in email but get pushed right onto the computer screen or mobile device). You can even publish and cycle visuals and messages as desktop wallpaper and digital signage.

Branding that gets noticed – SnapComms allows you to apply a visual branding using customized message templates for compliance communications. 

Compliance Campaigns

A campaign is a bundle of messages around the same Compliance topic. A campaign usually contains a validation item bundled (optionally) with one or more nurture communications.

Nurture communications are sent first to give employees the information they need about the topic. The Validation piece is sent at the end of the campaign and asks the employee to acknowledge receiving information, comply, opt out of complying or prove their knowledge.

 SnapComms has enhanced its messaging management features to allow the creation and reporting of campaigns.  A campaign will have a Compliance topic which is the subject matter or issue for example Conflict of Interest, Email Policy, Social Media Policy, Sexual Harassment, Health & Safety.

Customizing and targeting compliance communications

Geographically dispersed compliance communication – The SnapComms solution can be set up on your own network or hosted in a private cloud environment. Either way you can reach any location with internet access (SnapComms messaging formats are of course secure). Scheduling options allow you to set messages to appear at specific local times or at a specific global time (for example if you want to deliver an important message at the same exact time regardless of an employee’s physical location).

Local context – Targeting options also allow you to put compliance communications into the context of what it means to particular employee segments. Regional offices may require their own additional communications related to the specific legal and cultural requirements of their environment, SnapComms makes this easy with delegation of message publishing rights.

Special interest groups– SnapComms also allows you to target messages to specific interest groups regardless of their physical location. For example; all sales roles, all manager roles, all compliance liaison roles etc.

Additional compliance communications for high risk areas – SnapComms allows you target additional messages to high risk groups relating to the specific risk profile.

BYO management – SnapComms can deliver the BYO app via the App Store, Google Play and Windows store with secure registration and activation (as well as remote deactivation) options for employees with BYO mobile devices.

Multi-device and mobile communication – The SnapComms platform can deliver messages to
multiple devices including; smart phones and tablets (IOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry), SMS, computers (Windows and Mac) and digital signs (Raspberry Pi).

Multi-language – Multi language options allow you to send specific compliance communications to employees in their own language.

Reaching external stakeholders - SnapComms also allows you to target messages to your vendor's, partners and contractors all of which are important target audience for some of your compliance messages.

Getting urgent or important messages fast

Acknowledgement buttons for compliance updates – When policies, programs or legislation change SnapComms' compliance software provides a way to deliver compliance communications directly to your target groups (regardless of their device or location) with “read and understood” acknowledgement buttons. This allows you to demonstrate that information has been distributed and acknowledged as understood by each employee. Messages can contain multimedia elements and research links.

Crisis communications – In a crisis, messages can be delivered directly into a full screen display format and (if required) cut across screensavers or locked screen displays.





Compliance Ticker 

Use pop-up alerts or scrolling message tickers to keep staff up to date during:



  • Government investigations

  • Disasters (e.g. environmental)

  • Product recalls

  • Public whistleblowing

  • Strikes

  • When fraud is detected



Fast and regular updates during a crisis help to stop the rumour mill going into overdrive and equip staff to handle interactions with all stakeholders.

Contingency try out – SnapComms allows you to pre-set ‘dark communications’ and templates and test them on a pilot group as part of a contingency plan try-out.

Increasing compliance training coverage and effectiveness

Collect feedback - The SnapComms on screen survey tool allows you to collect feedback and ask additional questions following compliance training

Pester non attendees – SnapComms allows you to target a series of escalating alert reminders to employees who have missed compliance training

Multi-time slot recurring invitations -SnapComms RSVP tool is a multi-time slot invitation system delivered as an on screen alert to targeted employee groups. Multiple attendance options as well as invite display recurrence and escalation for non-responders help to increase attendance of compliance training. Couple this with screensavers and newsletter articles promoting upcoming training options and see attendance rates improve.

Increasing training coverage - It doesn't matter how good a training program is if you can't achieve satisfactory training coverage (which is an important measure of an effective compliance communication program).

Reinforce compliance training with gamification

The SnapComms messaging formats allow you to use gamification strategies to engage
and reinforce compliance training.


Compliance Communication Survey

Compliance Survey Examaple


Use Gamification to cover key compliance messages, to test knowledge of individuals or to run an interdepartmental quiz to measure knowledge across departments. The SnapComms solution allows you to promote and engage teams with scrolling headline reminders and leader boards on screensavers.


Compliance Video Alert

Compliance Video Example


Video formats – Video is a great way to show employees ethics and compliance case studies when something has been done wrong by someone. You can ask questions on what should've been done. However the value depends on how many people view compliance videos and engage with them. SnapComms can deliver video content in an on screen alert format with repetition, escalation, embedded quizzes and the ability to measure participation. It also provides a way for employees to sign off that they have consumed and understood the content.

Leverage existing training resources - SnapComms also allows you to leverage existing compliance training resources by providing ways to promote them and get as many people to use them as possible. Increasing intranet use.

API Integration to e-learning system – The SnapComms platform allows API integration
with various elearning platforms (or simply hyperlink SnapComms content to specific content on the compliance website).

Scheduling and managing compliance communications

Compliance Campaign across Devices


Direct line of communication for compliance - An area that compliance officers typically struggle with is a direct line of communication with staff. SnapComms can change this by allowing Compliance Officers and their teams to become message administrators so they can schedule and send compliance messages directly to target staff groups.

Multiple message administrators - SnapComms allows delegation of administration rights
(with customized permissions based on profiles) meaning that, for example, local compliance representatives can customize and deliver communications or area experts can send specific communications related to their area of expertise.

Message and campaign repetition - Messages need to be reinforced through repetition. In
fact research shows that messages need to be repeated at least 7 times for key information to be retained. SnapComms allows you to repeat compliance messages in multiple attention grabbing formats. This reinforces messages for existing staff as well as ensuring new staff are exposed to them.

Message publish and expiry options – Set publish and expiry settings for each piece of content so, in addition to compliance communications being current, you can also expire time sensitive messages meaning that irrelevant or out of date information does not clutter up the inboxes of shift workers or employees who have been on leave.

SnapComms advanced campaign scheduling – In addition to scheduling, and the reuse of individual messages, SnapComms allows you to set up campaign folders in its content management system. This allows you to, for example, communicate about a different compliance topic each month and reuse content or repeat campaigns.

Automatic induction communications for new employees - SnapComms allows you to set up a range of communications for new employees which are automatically launched when new employees are added to the company network.

Encouraging and collecting feedback

An effective and well used feedback channel is an important part of a compliance program. It allows you to collect feedback to understand what is really going on each department, to identify problems early and prevent issues escalation, to prevent unethical behavior and to improve processes.

Visual on-screen escalating survey - SnapComms' survey format allows multiple questions formats such as multi choice, multi selection and open ended questions such as “is there anything else we should've asked you or anything else we should know”. Survey display can be escalated if they are uncompleted by the employee. Delegated survey administration options allowed area experts to send out quizzes or surveys relating to their specific area of expertise

Confidentiality – Confidentiality and non-retaliation policies are important aspects of a compliance program. SnapComms feedback channels have customizable confidentiality
settings which block user information from being displayed to administrators.

Promoting the hotline and other feedback channels – As well as providing its own feedback channels SnapComms' can raise the profile of other feedback channels by screensaver messages. Messages can also be designed, for example, to reassure employees regarding confidentiality and non-retaliation policies.


Remind staff of their obligations to report issues - Use a range of SnapComms channels
such as interactive screensavers, pop up alerts, scrolling tickers and newsletter articles to publish reminders ensuring that everybody knows that possible compliance problems are to be reported and disciplinary action is likely to be taken if problems are not communicated.


Surveys for high risk target groups - Require employees and managers in sensitive positions to complete periodic questionnaires identifying compliance issues such as conflict-of-interests. SnapComms survey repeat and escalation options ensure questionaires are answered.

Follow through - SnapComms channels can be used to communicate actions been taken as a result of feedback

Collaborative Compliance Newsletter

SnapComms’ user generated newsletter tool allows multiple authors to drop articles into the relevant section of a newsletter template. This means that the compliance team can drop compliance related content into the company newsletter. For example:

  • Current compliance events answers to common questions etc.

  • Interviews with senior leaders about compliance topics and issues

  • Example disciplinary cases from within the company as a practical learning opportunity

  • Common compliance FAQs

  • A weekly C&E column

  • A "You be the judge" feature giving employees a problem and asking them to submit a solution to win a prize. The answer can be provided elsewhere in the newsletter or on a website.


SnapComms Campaign Tool for Compliance Communication

SnapComms' compliance software delivers your compliance campaigns directly to employee desktops and measures compliance status in real time.

Present employees with a campaign of educational and awareness messages about your compliance topic. Request attestation from each employee that they understand and will comply. View compliance statistics in real time.




Do you use tired old emails, eLearning initiatives that are too long, an internet site that few visit and even less that actually engage with?

CEB research shows that 68% of employees fail to engage with compliance training. That’s a problem. It’s time to change the game.


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Measuring and demonstrating program effectiveness

Spot checks - SnapComms can also be used to carry out spot-checks on a specific issues, for example a quick poll can be sent asking employees if they have completed the attestation form when they were hired, to confirm that they have seen and understood certain compliance policies or that they have attended specific compliance training.

Higher statistical accuracy – SnapComms uncompleted survey recurrence options allow surveys to be repeated until employees have responded thereby driving higher participation and more statistically accurate information being collected. This is particularly important as non-compliant employees may represent a large portion of the employees who choose not to respond to a survey!

Demonstrating that an effective program is in place - An effective compliance program allows organisations to demonstrate that compliance regulations and policy changes have been distributed effectively, received, understood and acknowledged by each employee. The SnapComms platform provides reporting and measurement of message delivery, display time, number of repetitions, and, perhaps most importantly, messages can include acknowledgement from the employee that they have read and understood the information. SnapComms channels can also provide links to and integration with other compliance resources so that employees can ask further questions or research before completing acknowledgement buttons that they have read and understood the message or information.

Benchmarking – The SnapComms platform allows you to measure knowledge, awareness and understanding and to benchmark this overtime. A survey or quiz can be sent to random samples of employees or samples of employees within specific target groups to measure the effectiveness of compliance programs and link the impact to the processes implemented.

Exporting and data analysis - Reports can be exported from the SnapComms platform to allow deeper analysis and the identification of red flags.





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Key benefits

  • Get Employee Attention

  • Multiple visual formats

  • Escalation of unread messages

  • Repetition to maintain awareness

  • Targeting for different audiences

  • Acknowledgment and readership reporting

  • Analytics and dashboards for KPIs

  • More communication in high risk areas

  • Gamification to test and reinforce understanding

  • Confidential feedback channels



What to communicate

  • Policies, processes and procedures

  • Industry regulations

  • Relevant legislation

  • The need to follow the rules

  • Discipline relating to noncompliance

  • Role or location specific information

  • Ways to provide feedback and report concerns

  • Feedback on issues with the system or process

  • Specifics of the organisations own program

  • Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Compliance failures and actions being taken

  • Upcoming compliance audits (acts as a deterrent)

  • Clarify behaviours that could be criminal or unethical

  • Process for whistleblowing without fear of retribution

  • Confidentiality specifics in particular relating to Customer or patient data