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Delivering Digital Transformation Success

Today’s leading organizations are undergoing a digital transformation. By setting a strategy and integrating their digital platforms, they’re setting themselves up for digital success – better customer support, more meaningful reporting, greater business growth.

But human prowess drives digital success. IT teams need to get all employees on board.

Two-thirds of Global 2000 companies will have digital transformation as the central focus of their corporate strategy. (Source: CDO Conclave)

Internal communication is part of all good digital transformation. It informs employees about the changes to come and inspires them of the benefits they’ll enjoy.

A digital new age demands digital communication to match.

digital transformation video alert
Communicate the importance of your digital strategy using channels such as this Desktop Alert

Digital Tools For Digital Transformation

SnapComms delivers the employee engagement essential to successful digital transformation. Reach all audiences, using all communication formats, through all device types – in one powerful digital communication platform.
ticker on laptop
Desktop tickers visually communicate status and latest news. The newsfeed-style format perfectly captures the excitement of updates as they happen. Include hyperlinks to direct staff elsewhere online for more info.
launch newsletter
Newsletters provide more detail around key areas, such as spotlights on key benefits, timeline of achievements, visualizations of future state etc.
video alert digital transformation
Video alerts are the ultimate visual tool to showcase the benefits of your digital transformation to staff. Video is exciting and dynamic – video alerts capture this and make it available for all staff to see, even those working remotely.
it training screensaver
Screensavers and Lock Screens raise interest by visually promoting the transformation – what’s happening, what to look out for, how it benefits everyone. Include videos and countdown clocks to build anticipation.
company survey
staff survey improves employee engagement by encouraging everyone to get involved with the digital transformation and have their say in the outcome.
rsvp alert

Digital transformation can only be a success with effective training. The RSVP tool drives employee participation in training sessions and makes it easy for organizers to plan attendee numbers and requirements.


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Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Keep informed

Publish a regular update from your digital transformation team via digital newsletter or video alert, with imagery and video showing progress and other related content.

  • Build trust between IT teams and wider staff
  • Foster a good reputation for communication

Build excitement

Generate momentum as the transformation project progresses. Introduce teaser comms and a countdown campaign using screensavers and wallpaper.

  • Help staff visualize what the final outcomes will be
  • Showcase your brave new world!

Drive commitment

Build awareness and interest through frequent ticker updates. Reinforce key messages, such as the reason for the transformation, and demonstrate tangible outputs to date.

  • Accelerate implementation by reducing employee friction
  • Bring everyone together on this digital journey!

Assuage concerns

Collate questions from staff concerned about the change into a helpful FAQ newsletter. Adapt this into a page on your intranet and advise staff via desktop ticker whenever new content is added.

  • Reassure staff their concerns are listened to
  • Save management time answering the same question multiple times

Manage transitions

Use alerts and screensavers to advise staff in advance of system migrations and when IT outages may be experienced. Circulate status updates via desktop ticker.

  • Promote the use of alternate systems or temporary workarounds
  • Maintain business productivity

Promote feedback

Invite employee input on areas of concern or suggestions for use of new digital technologies ‘on the ground’. Use survey and quiz channels to collate feedback and run competitions.

  • Foster collaboration and staff buy-in
  • Increase effectiveness of training sessions for new systems

Results That Transform Your Business

Universal vision
Universal vision
Clearly defined and accepted digital vision. Clarifies focus of efforts for staff across all teams, roles and locations.
Improve Progress
Improve Progress
Employees are engaged in the project and become invested in the outcomes. Processes are streamlined such that momentum and productivity are maintained pre and post-launch.
Improved Outcomes
Improved Outcomes
Success measures are maximized through consistent focus on endgame and knowledge of ultimate KPIs by everyone involved. Reduced negative impact at time of change.
Reassure Staff
Reassure Staff
Employees are kept appraised throughout the project, inspired by the benefits and reassured about their concerns.
Mitigate misinformation
Mitigate misinformation
More effective customer-related training and upskilling programs through better promotion.
Strengthen Communication
Strengthen Communication
Message readership and engagement enhanced through real-time data-driven insights. Increased relevance and performance.

SnapComms Features Deliver More

Additional capabilities to improve the effectiveness of your digital transformation communication with SnapComms. More features – more impact – more value.

  • Set up staff groups to target messages for greater relevance and higher readership. If elements of your digital transformation only affect certain employees, for example due to their role or geographic location, create groups for each of these. Targeting communications to these groups ensures staff only receive highly relevant information – improving your message readership and increasing their knowledge.
  • Pre-configure and schedule communications for every stage of the project. This saves time later on when you’re in the thick of the project, plus ensures nothing important gets unwittingly forgotten.
  • Set up reminders in advance to alert staff of important deadlines, such as when a system changeover is taking place, when any systems may be unavailable, and when training sessions are about to commence.
  • Use recurrence settings to ensure your must-read messages are guaranteed to be read. Any unread messages can be set to repeat on employees’ screens until they read and/or acknowledge them.
  • Personalize your digital transformation comms with distinct branding, so that staff instantly recognize messages about it and react accordingly.
  • Real time reporting shows readership at employee or team level, providing assurance that all staff are being reached.
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