Emergency Preparedness Training

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Better Communication Is The Best Protection

As the risk of terrorist and active shooter attacks continue to escalate, organizations have a responsibility to keep employees protected and safe.

In most unfolding workplace crises, your employees will be the first responders. Emergency preparedness training will help them know how to react and stay safe when under attack.

Unforeseen emergencies can have a catastrophically high cost for businesses, including total business failure. (Source: EHS Today)

But what is the most effective way to communicate and train staff on personal safety when attention spans are short, email inboxes are already overloaded, and a variety of learning styles need to be catered for? And what's the best way to communicate directly with them if a terror attack is underway?

Preparing an emergency response plan is just one half of the solution – the other half is making sure employees know how to react.

emergency procedure screensaver

Tools You Can Rely On When It Counts

The most effective strategy to reach employees when a crisis strikes is channel-flooding – communicating via multiple devices and formats. That’s where the SnapComms platform excels. The combination of passive channels to build knowledge and priority channels to get immediate attention offer the strongest protection against life-threatening emergencies.
Panic button options on mobile
Panic button is highly effective if an emergency is unfolding. It sends a full-screen emergency alert direct to employee desktops, mobile devices, and communal-area display screens. It’s designed to override all other applications to ensure accurate information and instructions are sent to staff as fast as possible.
mandatory training alert on laptop
Desktop alerts publish short, bite-size content instantly to desktop or mobile devices. The high-visibility format ensures high-priority messages are read and the cross-platform capability ensures all staff is reached whatever their location or device.
lock screen reminder
Lock screens are the ultimate reinforcement tool – key training themes, advice on how to act in certain situations or where to go for more information can be promoted visually to staff repeatedly throughout the day. Messages are displayed every time an employee needs to unlock their screen.
evacuation quiz on laptop
Following training sessions, staff can be tested on their knowledge using the staff quiz. Questions can be in a range of text and visual formats, with results easy for administrators and employees themselves to see (if desired).
ticker assessment reminder on screen

Desktop tickers (also known as scrolling newsfeeds) are ideal for staff reminders, such as to attend an emergency preparedness training session, but being unmissable they’re also perfect for providing critical status updates in times of crisis.


Safety survey on mobile
During an emergency, use an employee survey to confirm whether staff is safe. A pre-configured survey (such as “Are you safe – Yes / No”) can provide your emergency response unit with immediate answers.

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Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


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Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Boost training effectiveness

Get the most value out of your emergency preparedness training program by promoting it through desktop ticker reminders and lock screen displays.

  • Request staff to validate their training by acknowledging “I comply”
  • Reassure staff that an attack is unlikely

Build knowledge

Reinforce learnings from training through an unmissable lock screen message, or a staff quiz on where the nearest assembly point is, what constitutes suspicious behavior, or under what circumstances they should run or hide.

  • Identify knowledge gaps
  • Ascertain who is (and isn’t) engaging with your training content

Improve safety

Make your emergency communication and response plan available online and use desktop tickers to advise staff whenever updates are made. If an emergency strikes, notify staff via panic button and help ensure their safety through a fast survey that captures their location and status.

  • Reduce potential for miscommunication
  • Increase response time and effectiveness

Increase preparedness

Circulate ongoing reassurance and business continuity communications after an incident through desktop alerts. Improve the organization’s ability to withstand a future emergency by surveying staff on what improvements they feel could be made.

  • Publicize available counselling support services
  • Assist transition into a phase of recovery

Results You Can Feel Reassured With

Increase engagement
Increase engagement
Employees are better informed through broader message reach and greater rates of participation
Business continuity
Business continuity
Better responses to emergencies allow organizations to overcome the crisis and return to normal productive operations faster
Reduce risk
Reduce risk
Staff are better equipped to respond to emergencies, reducing the risk of personal injury and organizational cost in reparations
Strengthen resilience
Strengthen resilience
A comprehensive, widely-communicated emergency response plan places the organization in a position of strength if a crisis occurs
Improve retention
Improve retention
Staff are reassured by the efforts made by the organization to keep them safe, which increases their workplace satisfaction
Measurable outcomes
Measurable outcomes
Reporting in real-time helps measure readership and engagement so ineffective communication can be improved

Features To Boost Your Emergency Preparedness

These extra features of the SnapComms platform help improve communication effectiveness without adding unwanted complexity or cost.

  • Pre-configured communications are helpful in an emergency when every second counts. Identify your most likely emergency scenarios and create content to suit in advance. These can be quickly adapted and published when needed, saving valuable seconds and reducing the risk of mistakes being made or incorrect information being broadcast.
  • Set up specific staff groups to enable sending targeted content and status updates. Ideal for your emergency response team or senior leadership team, where greater message relevance reduces wasted time and enables faster response.
  • Message recurrence allows you to repeat essential information or questions until a response or acknowledgement is received. This validation can also provide evidence of compliance with employee policy communication.
  • Readership reporting can be analyzed at employee, team or campaign level, providing a comprehensive picture of effectiveness.
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