Communicating With Frontline Employees

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Frontline Employees Deserve First-Rate Support

Frontline employees are your vital link to customer satisfaction and success. They’re your brand ambassadors, your storytellers and present your biggest opportunity for influencing customers.

They’re also lowly paid, with high turnover. That’s why engaging and supporting frontline staff is crucial. Their working day is incredibly busy – either on the phone or face-to-face with customers. They have high information needs but low available time.

Attitudes of frontline staff are a proven influence on customer engagement and satisfaction. (Source: Science Direct)

Communication formats must be the right fit for the environment – whether busy call centers, retail outlets, or home workers. Masters of multi-tasking, frontline staff require instant access to up-to-date information as they liaise with customers in real-time.

frontline staff survey
Improve frontline feedback and ensure staff see and read important company information by publishing internal content through highly visual, direct-to-screen channels

SnapComms Tools Cut Through The Noise

The SnapComms platform cuts through workplace noise to get messages through. High impact features ensure messages are read; visually-rich formats ensure they’re remembered.

When frontline staff make up 80% of the workforce (Source: Gallup), you can’t rely on email alone to reach them. Don’t sell your frontline employees short. 
frontline employees ticker
Desktop tickers update frontline employees with important information, such as pricing changes, stock levels and callers waiting, without disrupting customer service. Include RSS feeds and links to more information.
frontline desktop alert
Desktop alerts give immediate attention to priority messages or breaking news, alerting staff to system outages, operational hiccups, or other incidents which impact service delivery.
company survey mobile

Employee surveys make collecting feedback from distributed frontline staff simple. Employee views and customer perceptions from ‘on the ground’ can then inform corporate strategy.


stay and play quiz on mobile
An Employee quiz can reinforce training, improve culture, and foster competition. Monitoring the knowledge levels of frontline staff is important when effective service delivery and satisfied customers depend upon it.

Discover Our Range Of Channels For Internal Communications


Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Improve knowledge

Supplement customer success training with passive messaging using Screensaver, Wallpaper and Lock Screen; test knowledge with scenario Quizzes.

  • Increase learning
  • Detect knowledge gaps

Stay informed

Publish latest news – stock, currency, data, weather – via RSS newsfeeds onto Tickers.

  • Equip staff with accurate information
  • Reduce errors

Build a positive culture

Motivate staff with fun Quiz competitions; collect their opinions and suggestions through Surveys

  • Demonstrate employee care
  • Foster collaboration and staff buy-in

Support consumer campaigns

Increase effectiveness of external consumer promotions through digital signage incorporating multimedia content

  • Reinforce frontline staff efforts
  • Drive customer action (enquiries or sales)

Reinforce best practice

Broadcast messages via Screensavers, Tickers and Lock Screen with tips on handling difficult customers, telephone etiquette etc.

  • Promote customer success

SnapComms Delivers Results

Drive performance
Drive performance
Frontline staff never miss important information again
Strengthen relationships
Strengthen relationships
Better corporate and branch relations through effective, open communication that reaches all staff – regardless of location
Reduce turnover
Reduce turnover
Ameliorate expensive staff turnover through feedback mechanisms and increased involvement
Support positive change
Support positive change
Drive behavioral change through greater training effectiveness
Reduce friction
Reduce friction
Message consumption made easy for customer-facing multi-taskers
Improve communication
Improve communication
More effective messages through real-time data-driven insights

Features To Make Your Communications Work Harder

Special features of the SnapComms platform make communicating with frontline employees even more effective.

  • Active directories allow messages to be targeted to specific staff groups by location, role and user profile. Targeted communications then achieve high relevance and low wastage.
  • The pop-up notification format ensures higher cut-through for priority messages and higher response rates than traditional survey tools.
  • Administration rights allow nominated individuals across the business to communicate directly with front line staff. For example, Marketing might run new screensavers highlighting current promotional campaigns, or HR might run desktop wallpapers advising on support schemes available for staff.
  • Recurrence settings provide control over how frequently messages will reappear on employee screens until they are acted upon.
employee communications
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