Improving HCAHPS Scores

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The Prescription For Healthcare Success

Satisfied patients make successful hospitals. Patient satisfaction and perception of care is increasingly driving consumer healthcare choices.

The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) scoring puts the power with patients. A high score is one of the greatest measures of success.

Hospitals with poor HCAHPS scores can find themselves penalized financially. (Source: Readiness Rounds)

Internal communication is key to strong HCAHPS scores – building the right culture, fostering correct behavior and aligning the efforts of all staff.

Survey displaying hcahps question on laptop
Emails are easy to miss; but content delivered direct-to-screen - such as pop-up alerts and surveys - cannot be ignored

Communication Tools To Improve HCAHPS Scores

Healthcare workers don’t typically sit in front of a computer all day – managers need more effective communication channels to reach and engage them. That’s where the SnapComms internal communications platform shines.
Hcahps screensaver
Screensavers promote values and processes supporting patient care through striking visual communications. They may be published on computer screens and large digital screens in communal areas for maximum visibility, such as cafeterias, break rooms, locker rooms, or conference facilities.
hospital survey on mobile
Employee surveys capture essential insights from frontline staff. The simple format allows doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers to provide their ideas and suggestions to improve patient care (and HCAHPS scores). The pop-up format ensures high response rates, and simple setup allows easy exporting of data.
newsletter improving HCAHPS scores

digital newsletter fosters strong organizational culture by encouraging healthcare workers to share success stories and positive tips quickly and easily. Engagement is higher through the rich media formats included, including videos, tickers and interactive tools – so much more than a traditional boring email!


Hospital RSVP message on mobile
The RSVP tool improves the effectiveness of training programs – essential to the better patient care needed for high HCAHPS scores. Increase knowledge of updates to hospital processes through high attendance and encouraging greater staff participation.

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Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Build knowledge

Staff need to know what is measured in the HCAHPS surveys. Communicate these through high-visibility, high-repetition screensavers or wallpapers.

  • Increase understanding of best practice
  • Improve induction of new staff

Improve behavior

Communicate the positive behaviors needed to achieve greater patient satisfaction through a series of promotional billboard-style screensaver messages on computers and digital signage.

  • Align your organizational values to patient experience
  • Enhance operational efficiency

Embed culture change

Promote HCAHPS as a core part of all employees’ jobs and your culture. Use digital newsletters to share positive healthcare stories that inspire staff and help improve HCAHPS scores.

  • Encourage faster adoption of best practice
  • Mitigate risk of following improper processes

Increase collaboration

Providing staff a way to feed back anonymously is important. A staff survey offers a valuable outlet for suggestions and frustrations, as well as helps management gain an understanding of system or process failures for improvement.

  • Improve employee engagement
  • Lift the performance and attitudes which support high HCAHPS scores

Results That Benefit Patients And You

Ensure compliance
Ensure compliance
Values and processes around patient care are promoted and reinforced, ensuring staff responses are in line with expectations
Reduce risk
Reduce risk
Staff and patient safety is improved by understanding and following correct processes, directly influencing HCAHPS scores
Strengthen communication
Strengthen communication
Staff readership and engagement with important healthcare messages is improved through real-time data-driven insights
Improve morale
Improve morale
Staff job satisfaction is stronger by encouraging and valuing their involvement in building a world-class hospital environment
Increase productivity
Increase productivity
Operational efficiencies are enhanced, providing higher workplace productivity and outputs
Drive performance
Drive performance
Patient satisfaction is heightened, resulting in better HCAHPS scores and a stronger organizational performance

Extra Features Of The SnapComms Toolkit

Your internal communications work even harder to achieve better HCAHPS scores with these special features built-in to the SnapComms platform. 

  • Targeting improves relevance, readership and response. Set up distinct staff groups to send dedicated messages appropriate to their role and requirements. For example, behavior reminders around making eye contact and using patient names for ward-based staff, or cyber security tips to frontline desk staff.
  • Recurrence settings allow messages to be repeated until staff acknowledge or interact with them. This is especially useful for encouraging high participation with staff surveys or quizzes.
  • Pre-configuring messages in advance helps communicators set up a series of messages when they’re focused and ‘in the zone’, rather than needing to set each message up individually over a longer time. Create, set and forget – safe in the knowledge that your sequence of messages will be published exactly when you want them to.
  • Real time message reporting shows which employees have read the messages and identify any ‘gaps’ in your coverage.
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