Improving Communications During A Downturn

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Keeping Staff Informed, Motivated, And Retained

During an economic downturn, it’s more important than ever to communicate effectively with staff. Few people thrive when feeling insecure and unsure about their future. Staff work best when there’s a clear picture of the organization’s direction and the role they can play.

Retaining employees during uncertain times can be one of the greatest challenges. Rumors run rife, and good people leave if they feel they’re out of the communication loop.

Frequent and honest communications are essential during a downturn – not only about intended changes, but importance of wellness during times of stress. Email is not a reliable tool for sensitive and important messages due its ineffectiveness.

The threat of a recession can cause anxiety, cynicism and reduced performance from staff. Keep the lines of communication open and positive with SnapComms unmissable and measurable communication channels.

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Impactful Tools For Staff Communication During A Downturn

Whether you’re delivering good or bad news, ensure you have the right channel format to match your message: authoritative for important announcements, sustainable for reinforcement and supportive messages, and interactive for garnering feedback.
Video alert on tablet
Desktop alerts provide 100% assurance of messages being seen by all staff – no more excuses. Video alerts are effective when in-person communication isn’t possible.
launch update newsletter
Newsletters circulate updates around key strategic imperatives to combat downturn. Great for combining related content all in one place.
ceo update screensaver on laptop

Screensavers can convey passive reminders on topics such as stress management, as well as town hall meetings and more.


intranet ticker on screen
Desktop tickers provide regular, timely updates, including links to new content related to internal changes on your intranet, or reminders about action required.

Discover Our Range Of Channels For Internal Communications


Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Reinforce vision and goals

Broadcast reminder messages via Screensavers, Tickers and Lock Screen on strategic intent to keep staff focused on priorities.

  • instils faith
  • promotes unity

Maximize attendance

Get staff together for Q&A sessions. Publish RSVPs and reminder notifications to increase employee attendance at these gatherings.

  • staff on same page
  • single source of truth

Get employee input

Survey employees about their downturn concerns; find out if there’s a topic they want more information on.

  • close communication gaps
  • unveil potential ‘hot spots’

Raise profile

Publish manager-presented weekly bulletins via video or newsletter with progress updates on organizational priorities

  • demonstrates transparency and engenders confidence
  • retains focus and priority

Get employee feedback

Survey employees after a town hall meeting or briefing to gauge reactions to news.

  • identify areas of misunderstanding and message reinforcement
  • foster collaboration and staff buy-in

Think long term

Inspire staff with long term ambitions, and help ‘see the light at the end of the tunnel’

  • engaged workforce
  • staff retention

Results You Can Expect With SnapComms

Enhanced leadership
Enhanced leadership
Support for management enhanced through authoritative top-down messaging
Greater participation
Greater participation
Informed workforce means greater staff involvement: “we’re in it together”
Reduced attrition
Reduced attrition
Retain good staff during a downturn with regular, inspirational content
Improved communication
Improved communication
Effectiveness through real-time data-driven insights
Maintained momentum
Maintained momentum
Focus kept on objectives and mitigates deviation from the big picture
Sustained productivity
Sustained productivity
Greater respect for and commitment to leaders sustains productivity

Staff Communications Solutions During A Recession

The SnapComms platform includes features designed to bolster the effectiveness of communications during an economic downturn.

  • Set up executive communications in advance of a significant ‘bad news’ communication. Pre-schedule supporting messages to go live straight after face-to-face or town hall meetings to counter mis-understandings and reiterate next steps.
  • Use message escalation or message acknowledgement capabilities to achieve 100% readership. Requiring staff to acknowledge readership provides greater assurance of message understanding.
  • The RSVP alert tool allows you to ask staff to choose which briefings they want to attend. You can also include additional questions such as catering or transport needs or to gather questions/ issues employees would like executives to address.
  • Outlook integration: when your employees RSVPs, the tool provides the option for staff to enter the appointment in their Outlook calendar.
  • Planning and reporting: Real-time reporting tools show the employees registered to attend each session. This helps to plan logistics (e.g. room sizes and catering) and lets you close off specific time slots as rooms fill.
  • Repeat messages that have not been read, using recurrence and scheduling settings to deliver at specific dates and times for maximum visibility and impact.
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