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Tips And Ideas To Increase Company Intranet Usage

Your intranet is your single source of truth – a reliable place employees can go for any information, forms, policies or anything else they need.

It’s more than just a repository of information though. Your intranet can also offer tips to inspire staff, interactive tools to encourage participation and forums to support collaboration.

Yet only 13% of employees visit their intranet daily and 31% never visit it. (Source: Prescient Digital Media)

Your company intranet can be a valuable communication channel – it’s easily managed in-house, control is maintained, updates are fast, and there are little or no new technical platforms required.

But without effective internal communications your intranet can become a nicely-designed ghost town. Celebrate what it offers, advise when updates are made, and promote it as a core business tool through better staff engagement.
intranet refresh ticker message
Irresistible to click! A great and simple way to increase visits to your intranet is including links within moving tickers. Beats email hands down!

Tools That Get Attention And Drive Action

A company intranet is a living source of knowledge, growing with every update. Promotion of it must also be ongoing to increase usage. That’s where a multi-channel approach can excel. SnapComms supports your intranet by keeping it front of mind and ensuring staff are visiting it.
ticker update on laptop
Desktop notifications via scrolling desktop tickers can be used to notify staff of relevant updates and link them to relevant intranet content.
friday quiz on mobile
A business or product-focused staff quiz can test staff knowledge on certain topics plus contain hyperlinks to Intranet content where they will find more info before answering.
intranet screensaver viewed by employee
Screensavers turn employee computer screens into interactive billboards promoting the intranet, with the ability to include images, video and other media.
intranet newsletter on tablet
Digital internal newsletters can summarize intranet updates as short teasers to encourage staff to visit the intranet for more details on specific content.
survey on mobile

Employee surveys help drive employee participation by encouraging and collecting feedback on the intranet, what aspects are most valued and what could be improved.


intranet lockscreen
Lock Screen offers the highest repetition of staff messages, with vibrant imagery driving awareness of intranet updates every time a user needs to unlock their computer.

Discover Our Range Of Channels For Internal Communications


Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Build awareness

Visual communication with Screensavers or Lock Screens raise employee awareness and encourage them to visit relevant intranet content.

  • Generate interest

Drive engagement

Intranet updates are unmissable when published in scrolling desktop tickers, helping drive traffic to your intranet. Overall staff knowledge of content is improved via a pop-up quiz.

  • Get maximum value from every content update

Gather feedback

Unearth bright ideas and insights by surveying intranet users on their feedback at regular intervals.

  • Tackle issues early
  • Identify potential improvements

Measure performance

Engagement rates with ticker messages and response rates with surveys can be tracked and analyzed over time to provide an effective way to establish benchmarks and gauge trends.

  • Quantify value of the intranet
  • Foster dialogue

Results From Intranet Communication With SnapComms

Increase engagement
Organizational values are embodied to strengthen employee affinity with brand and encourage participation
Enhance culture
Inspirational content and support available lifts employee positivity and strengthens culture
Drive compliance
Meet organizational compliance requirements by providing mandatory information and ensuring staff acknowledgement
Reduce risk
Mitigate misinformation by ensuring all staff have a single accessible source of truth
Strengthen communication
Tracking readership and attitudes helps determine effectiveness of your intranet promotions and any ‘black spots’
Improve ROI
Extract the highest return on your intranet investment by maximizing usage

Additional Features For Performance And Management

When you’ve worked hard to build and maintain your intranet, you’ll want additional features to make your internal communication work even harder. The SnapComms platform includes these features – and more – built in.

  • Setting up distinct audience groups makes targeting easy, such that only employees who need to know will receive the relevant intranet notifications. Targeting also helps with survey sampling, ensuring that more employee views are represented in any research.
  • Recurrence options can be set up so that the messages or a staff quiz keep reappearing until it’s acknowledged or completed – guaranteeing you 100% readership.
  • Delegated administration rights mean that you can nominate staff across the business to create and publish content to promote the intranet. For example, Marketing might run new product quizzes with links to relevant intranet pages, or HR might run screensavers promoting new staff support programs on the intranet.
  • Comprehensive reporting provides insights which allow you to make improvements in real time. Readership can be analyzed at employee, team or campaign level, giving you the full picture of communication effectiveness.
employee communication
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