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Intranet Tip 1 - Desktop Notifications


Intranet Notification

Intranet Notification on the Desktop


Desktop notifications of new intranet content - desktop alerts and scrolling desktop tickers, can be used to promote the intranet and to notify staff of relevant updates and to link them to relevant intranet content. Delivery of notifications onto the desktop ensures cut-through for important information.

Easy targeting, based on MS Active Directory, ensures that only the employees who need it will receive the relevant intranet notifications.

Intranet Tip 2 - Intranet RSS


Intranet RSS - without the need for Opt-In
Worried that employees won't /don't know how to opt in to your intranet RSS feeds? The SnapComms desktop ticker bar allows you to push out important intranet RSS feeds to specific employee groups and removes the need to opt in.


Intranet Desktop Ticker

Desktop Intranet newsfeed ticker


Intranet not RSS enabled? Desktop tickers can still push content updates to staff. Write your own headlines as teasers and use hyperlinks allow staff to click through to specific pages of the Intranet.

Intranet Tip 3 - Digital Signage on Screensavers


Interactive sequencing screensavers promoting intranet content. SnapComms’ screensaver messaging tool turns employee screensavers into interactive billboards promoting the intranet. Visual communication of this nature can be a great way to raise employee awareness and encourage them to visit relevant intranet content. The tool allows you to include images, text, Flash, Power Point, video and RSS feeds.

Intranet Tip 4 - Summarize New Intranet Content


Intranet Newsletter Example

Intranet internal Newsletter


Summarize intranet updates in an internal newsletter SnapMag that allows any department or employee to submit newsletter articles into appropriate newsletter sections. Hence anyone who submits intranet content can also add a short ‘teaser’, to promote specific intranet content, into the appropriate section of the internal newsletter.

The Magazine tool contains 'user generated content' Hence it can be more authentic and compelling than a traditional electronic staff magazine. Staff can recommend intranet (and other) content they find interesting with short messages followed by a hyperlink.

Bypass email and ensure messages are not buried Magazine tool can be pushed directly to targeted staff, as an onscreen scrolling format (as well as other more traditional formats.

Intranet Tip 5 - Remove Clutter from the Intranet Homepage


Newsletter Example

Internal Newsletter Examples

Use the home page for navigation and 'quick finds' News doesn't have to be on the home page of the intranet. The SnapComms Internal Newsletter tool provides a more effective way to manage and deliver company news whilst, at the same time, highlighting key intranet content.

Employees can easily add their own content to SnapMag Articles and updates are automatically aggregated into the Internal Newsletter which is then delivered to the employee desktop. This allows the intranet home page to provide simple, clear navigation. It also helps ensure that intranet search functionality is not clutter with 'short shelf life' content.

Intranet Tip 6 - Desktop Quizzes with Intranet Research Links


Staff Quiz

Desktop Staff Quiz

Staff quizzes with research links. Business and product focused quizzes can contain hyperlinks to Intranet content allowing staff to research questions before answering. The SnapComms pop-up Staff Quiz tool is a real asset if you are aiming to improve overall knowledge, increase Intranet usage, and help employees find the content they need.

Employees can elect to complete a quiz at a time that suits them, but, if required, recurrence options can be set up so that the quiz keeps on re-appearing until it is completed.

Intranet Tip 7 - Share the Work / Involve Every Business Unit


The SnapComms Content Management System allows delegated administration rights.

This means that you can nominate individuals across the business to run appropriate SnapComms content to promote the intranet. For example:

  • Marketing might run new product quizzes with links to relevant intranet pages, screensavers promoting new pricing plans and product offers (with embedded intranet hyperlinks) and put articles into SnapMag highlighting the latest marketing updates on the intranet.

  • HR might run screensavers and/or submit articles into SnapMag promoting new services and support schemes for staff available on the intranet Etc.

Intranet Tip 8 - Easy Ways to Add User Generated Content


Newsletter on all devices

User Generated Employee Newsletter


Social Media "too challenging" for organization? Your company culture and demographic may mean that tools like employee discussion forums are not appropriate or acceptable for the time being. There may be fears around loss of control or the impact of disengaged staff. Under these circumstances, why not consider a tool like SnapMag?SnapMag is an internal newsletter tool that supports user generated content but in a more controlled way than a discussion forum. Any member of staff can submit articles or comments into the staff magazine. An editor simply reviews and approves articles prior to publication. SnapMag provides a means to involve and engage staff but with greater editorial control than an employee discussion forum.

Quick, cost effective employee discussion forums and blogs The discussion forums channels from SnapComms are designed specifically for internal employee communication. They can easily be set up and administered by individual business units with minimal IT support required. This permits you to quickly and easily try concepts out, test uptake and evolve the use of user generated content without the need for ‘big project’ budget or resource.

Intranet Tip 9 - Gather Feedback Regarding the Intranet

Staff Survey

Desktop Staff Survey tool


Tunnel vision Sometimes the people closest to the intranet (technology teams, intranet manager etc) cannot see obvious issues and possible improvements because they cannot see 'the wood for the trees'. Some of the best ideas and insights may reside with end users. It is important to survey intranet users at regular intervals to gather feedback and suggestions.

Avoiding self select bias The key to gathering useful intranet feedback is to ensure that survey respondents are not self-selected (e.g. only the ones who choose to click a link in an email).

Targeting and reminders The SnapComms Staff Survey tool has built in desktop reminders help drive employee participation. Targeting features allow sampling. These features help ensure that more employee views are represented in the research…including the important but often ‘silent majority’ who perhaps do not have extreme views or agendas and are less motivated to participate.

Intranet Tip 10 - Intranet Measurement


It's not just about intranet traffic volume or page views, although these intranet measures are a start...

Establish measurable value for the intranet Targeting features allow the Desktop Survey to be pushed to specified staff, for example, managers or heads of departments. Such individuals can be asked questions such as “what specific business value does / could your department derive from an effective Intranet?”, “How might this be quantified?” For example, a sales manager may say it is the number of accurate proposals that sales people are able to produce. This research will provide an important perspective to help you improve the Intranet and quantify it's value.

Establish benchmarks and track trends The Desktop Staff Survey’s easy-to-answer format and high participation rates mean that it can also be an effective tool for establishing benchmarks and tracking changes over time.

Social media ROI The SnapComms Internal Social Media Channels have specific reporting metrics built in to help you measure ROI and demonstrate value. Reporting can include user demographics, popularity of content, total time spent by individuals etc.

SnapComms reporting options A wide range of reports are available from the SnapComms Content Management platform. Everything from the links followed, the popularity of specific blog and forum items, to the full results of Staff Polls, Surveys and Quizzes are available.

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