Internal Policy Communication

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Getting Ahead Means Staying In the Know

Internal policy covers legal obligations and workplace guidelines on employee confidentiality, data privacy, online behavior, health and safety, and other essential requirements for running a business.

For most organizations, the challenge is how to implement internal policies when every employee needs to understand them and how they relate to their role.

Your business can be liable for outdated and inconsistently-enforced internal policies. (Source: Forbes)

Policies and procedures foster a safe and welcoming environment for all employees. Effective internal communications ensure your policies are embedded throughout your organization – not just filed away, never to be seen again.
Clear desk policy alert message on pc
Bypass email with important policy reminders using internal communication channels, such as screensavers and alerts

Top Tools for Internal Policy Communication

A campaign approach with SnapComms achieves the best results for policy communications. The powerful combination of channels drives readership and reinforces your message in ways traditional corporate emails never can.
policy ticker
Desktop tickers make staff notice when new policies or updates are available. Tickers uniquely get attention without distracting multi-tasking staff, such as those in call centers. They’re especially effective in promoting policy compliance.
weather policy screensaver
A series of screensavers visually engage employees with thought-provoking questions such as “Is this legal?” or “How would my manager feel if he/she knew?”. Total format flexibility rouses initial awareness and prompts further understanding.
policy quiz

Employee quizzes verify understanding on important topics, such as campaigns or processes related to customers, and identify areas of potential training needs.


meeting rsvp
The RSVP tool can drive attendance for policy training sessions. Staff are encouraged to attend, which increases the value of the sessions and improves organizational compliance.

Discover Our Range Of Channels For Internal Communications


Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Expand knowledge

Use visual formats like digital newsletters to promote policies. If there’s a specific policy that requires highlighting, dedicate an entire issue, combining employee stories, explainer videos etc.

  • raise interest levels
  • increase training attendance
  • bring the value of internal policies to life – why it matters

Improve compliance

Use digital signage and screensavers to generate awareness and build interest in important training sessions. For example, reminder notifications and countdown-style messages.

  • ascertain levels of current understanding
  • minimize risk of costly non-compliance

Embed behaviors

Combine screensavers, videos, alerts and tickers to increase understanding, build a story, create momentum and ultimately drive behavioral change.

  • foster deeper understandings
  • establish foundations for sustained improvements

Enhance productivity

Ensure policies don’t inhibit staff doing their jobs by using surveys to understand how policies affect their work. This will reveal any policy areas that may need refining.

  • streamline processes
  • remove roadblocks

With SnapComms You See Real Results

Streamline processes
Streamline processes
Best practice procedures govern all tasks, ensuring everything is completed to the high standards expected.
Minimize disruption
Minimize disruption
The location of policy information is readily known and accessible by staff if they have questions or concerns.
Reduce risk
Reduce risk
Financial and reputational repercussions caused by non-adherence to policy are avoided.
Reassure staff
Reassure staff
Employees are assured that any conflicts which affect their jobs will be addressed and resolved.
Support campaigns
Support campaigns
Valuable supporting material for product campaigns or internal projects are promoted widely to drive program success.
Improve communication
Improve communication
Readership of and engagement with internal policy messages are made more effective through real-time data-driven insights.

Extra Features To Tailor, Target, And Track

Take advantage of these special features of the SnapComms platform to improve the success of your internal policy communication. 

  • Compliance - There is often a legal requirement for an organization to prove that employees have agreed to your policies and procedures. Include a confirmation piece stating “I comply” or “I agree” within your communications campaign.
  • Targeting - Set up custom staff groups by job type, location, team or anything else, to enable communicating to them most relevantly. You can then target policy updates only to those employees affected, such as online behavior to marketing or dealing with bribery to sales.
  • Reporting - Real time tracking provides insights into readership at employee or team level, providing assurance that all staff are being reached.
  • Validation - Set up either compulsory or optional compliance for employees, in line with your business.
employee communication
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