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SnapComms is a self-funded, privately owned business that has grown from small beginnings.  SnapComms grew out of a small development company called 174E with a single customer, Vodafone NZ. Determined to help more organizations improve cut through for employee communications, Sarah Perry and Chris Leonard productized the offering and launched SnapComms in 2007.  Within three years, SnapComms grew organically from zero to hero in the competitive sector of employee communication software, where it is now a global market leader.


Customer service excellence and product innovation drive SnapComms’ success.  SnapComms is now proudly serving more than 1.3 million paid enterprise users in 50 countries (including several Fortune 50 companies). It is a Deloitte Fast 50 and Fast 500 international company and won the  ICT Exporter of the year Award in 2015.


No Unicorns here. We have consciously made the decision not to take Venture Capital funding.  In our view many VC funded companies try to "buy a market" (with freemium models and massive PR campaigns) and focus on user growth at all costs with an overriding objective of inflated valuation and fast exit to make VC’s rich. We believe in long term innovation and value delivery. We believe that keeping our people and our customers happy is more important than lining VC pockets. It gives us more freedom to innovate too. SnapComms is an organically grown business from customer revenues. We only grow if we listen to our customers, solve real problems, deliver great products and our customers love us ...and that's the way it should be.


Over 1.3 million paid enterprise users in over 50 countries and impressive year-on-year growth tells us we are doing okay (but we are always trying to do better!) If you have a suggestion, comment or feedback please tell us.

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Our mission:

Get Employee Attention and Measure it. Right Message, Right Place, Right Time. Every Time.  


Market led company

We are a market led company, our priority has and always will be to listen to the needs of our customers and prospects in order to provide the innovation they expect. While we have some in-house communications expertise, you cannot substitute this for feedback from real customers.

Real Solutions for Real Problems

We not only respond to individual customer needs, we proactively try to understand the problems they are facing collectively. By keeping a close eye on the market as a whole, we can also identify whether changes or trends are occurring that could be better facilitated by adapting our technology. Our customer support system also helps us identify and manage ideas for improving our product.


Work with customers to solve problems

Interaction with our customers and understanding their needs and issues has resulted in innovative solutions to complex problems. Exposure to diverse networks and computing environments (of our customers) has driven our development so the SnapComms solution is now compatible with almost any environment that our customers utilize.

"We have faced a number of technical challenges over the years as business needs evolve and technologies change. These challenges have, in the main, been mitigated by intelligent research and development processes and by tapping into the collective, yet diverse, skill set of the SnapComms development team. We have additionally fostered relationships with industry experts and thought leaders to assist us in solving certain specific problems."

More about our CEO Sarah Perry.  LinkedIn profile.


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