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Pop-up Desktop Alert System

Powerful message cut-through - Use desktop alert messages to broadcast breaking news (e.g. an emergency alert or important employee update). The desktop alert message pops up on the targeted employee’s computer screen, bypassing email altogether.

Targeted desktop alert messages - Targeted messages based on existing network structures, machine based targeting and/or newly created targeting groups.

Persistent - Set desktop alert messages up so that the message stays on the screen, or continues to reappear at scheduled intervals, prompting the employee to act on it or acknowledge they have read the message.

Desktop Alert Messages for Staff

Measurable - You can report on who has or has not opened the full message contained in a desktop alert and clicked on any related hyperlinks. This is a useful feature if you have to show staff compliance around any internal policies or legal regulations.

Flexible - Desktop alerts include ‘read now’ or ‘read later’ options, as well as the option to display the full message. This is a useful option for emergency alert notifications. You can preset the size, position and prominence of the desktop alert window for each message.

Location Independent - Desktop alerts reach all staff, regardless of their location or network. Target alert messages to entire locations, individuals, groups, roles, remote and mobile workers.

Desktop Alert System for Communications Compliance

RSVP Staff Invitation system The SnapComms Desktop Alert system is ideal for important Human Resources updates, Health and Safety notifications or internal communications that have legislative requirements.

Message acknowledgement buttons - can be included in desktop alert notifications. Full reporting is available on acknowledgement responses.

Recurrence feature - Desktop alert messages will continue to repeat (based on administrator specified settings) until the message has been acknowledged by the employee or it meets expiry criteria.


RSVP Staff Invitation system

SnapComms' RSVP alert is an RSVP invite in the guise of a desktop alert. This tool is ideal for getting maximum attendance at internal events such as leadership briefing sessions, focus groups or CEO road shows.

Multiple meeting options - You can include multiple meeting options (e.g. dates, times, venues, food etc). The desktop RSVP will record all of the answers and provide full reporting on staff invitation responses via the SnapComms Desktop Alert system.

Outlook integration - You can include explanatory text and ask employees to select the session they would like to attend. When they reply, the desktop RSVP will automatically enter the appointment in their Outlook calendar.

Reporting - Easy-to-use reporting tools in the SnapComms Desktop Alert System let you see who is attending which session. This helps you manage the invite list in real time and plan the logistics (e.g. room sizes and catering).

Maximize attendance - An RSVP desktop alert is particularly useful in times of change or crisis when it is important to communicate face-to-face in smaller groups.

Reduce costs -Traditionally, it takes several hours or additional resource to manage complex appointment schedules for large groups. SnapComms' RSVP desktop alert automates this process and the cost of this tool justifies itself within a few meetings.


Deliver Video by Pop-up Alert Window

Increase views and Return on Investment (ROI) - SnapComms' Video tool is a pop up alert that delivers video to employees’ desktops. Producing an internal video can be expensive and time consuming. The Video Alert tool helps to ensure maximum viewing rates of your internal communications videos.

Build engagement - So your CEO can’t be in more than one place at a time or staff are geographically dispersed? No problem. The pop-up desktop video tool will allow your CEO to have visibility across the organization not matter where employees are located. Let staff see the commitment and intent in your CEO’s eyes and hear the passion and empathy in their voice.

Smart targeting - SnapComm's targeting features mean that you can deliver customized video messages to different employee groups.

Emergency Alerting

The SnapComms Desktop Alert system includes additional options for urgent and emergency alert functionality:

Urgent alerting - urgent desktop alerts will appear over the top of screensavers and other full-screen applications (including PowerPoint in slide view mode).

Emergency alerting – provides the same features as urgent alerting with the additional features:

  • the desktop alert message covers the entire screen.
  • the desktop alert system overrides any active snooze functionality.
  • the desktop alert message also appears on the user login screen.

Emergency desktop alerts also provide an option for no ‘close message’ button designed into the desktop alert template. This means that the alert notification will stay on screen and the screen will remain locked until the administrator disables the emergency alert.

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"We used to struggle to get people to read and reply to emails. Now using SnapComms, we get a much higher response rate in a shorter time frame"

Annabel Barbosa
Director, Communications

Desktop Alert Messaging Options

Options which can be set up by the administrator include:

  • Customizable message templates - including visuals, text, html, videos, pdfs and interactive elements such as hyperlinks.
  • Scheduling and recurrence - messages can be configured to be delivered at specified times with various message recurrence options based on the user response.
  • Read Now / Read Later - for less critical messages, staff can defer reading until later.
  • Target messages - to specific staff groups based on existing network structures, machine-based targeting or set up new groups. Alternatively, registration alerts can be used.
  • Support for target sets - ability to create groups using Boolean logic.
  • Support for staff sharing computers - messages can be targeted by login profile.
  • Registration Alerts - allow staff to specify their information requirements and automatically populates message targeting structures.
  • Snooze function - for employees who do not want to be disrupted, are in a meeting or working on an important document. They can be given the rights to 'Snooze' for a maximum period specified by the administrator. (This can be overridden by the administrator for any urgent updates).
  • Support for UTC time - set an absolute date of delivery (all at once) or by time zone.
  • Emergency alerts - optional immediate full display of urgent messages and options to cut through screensavers, locked screens and power save modes.
  • Customizable size, position and prominence - alter the display size of messages as required.
  • Full reporting - on who has read the message, their response, message duration and links they have clicked. Track to specific users and devices as required.
  • Message acknowledgement options - allows you to ensure staff have read and acknowledged important messages.
  • RSVP Alerts - send invitations as desktop alerts with an RSVP. Include multiple options for venues, times, preferences and additional feedback options. Integrated with MS Outlook Calendar.
  • Optional Alert Tone - desktop alerts can be configured to sound a tone when a new alert message is delivered.
  • Configurable administrator rights - multiple administrators can be set up with varied message publishing, moderation and administration rights.
  • Message moderation queues - senior administrators can moderate messages drafted, set up and scheduled by junior administrators.
  • Access from any device - administrators can access the message manager and configure messages from any internet-enabled device.
  • Content calendar - quick view of all published content by groups or individuals. This helps prevent multiple administrators 'spamming' users with too many alert messages.
  • Easy to install - with MSI installer and by utilizing Active Directory.
  • Silent installation support - if required.
  • Auto-launch and client monitoring - The desktop alert software automatically launches at every start up and runs a service to ensure the client is continuously operational.
  • Active Directory integration - with auto-synchronisation.
  • Low network load - ping size of 700 bytes round trip.
  • Configurable message poll - Message poll options allow the SnapComms client to check for new messages as frequently as needed.
  • Terminal server/Citrix clients available.
  • API available - to permit integration with other business systems.

"It allows us to get a message out very easily...It’s a very good tool. For me it’s a complete no-brainer."

Will Packard
Global Head of Marketing,

Common Concerns / Questions

"Pop up’s are annoying are’t they?"

The key is targeting and relevancy. Features such as recurrence and snooze also permit messages to be deferred whilst still ensuring cut through. For less important / FYI messages, consider channels such as Screensaver Messaging, Internal Newsletter, or the Scrolling Ticker tool.

"IT doesn't have time to implement this"

The hosted version can be tested and deployed by IT in just a few hours. Click here for a typical project implementation plan.




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