Screen Savers and Digital Signage

Turn screensavers into Digital Signage. Raise staff awareness of key messages. Click through links to leverage other information sources.

Scrolling Desktop News Feeds

Push information updates to employees. Push out existing RSS feeds (opt in possible but not necessary) or write your own content.

User Generated Internal Newsletters

Aggregate internal emails to reduce information overload. Push out user generated content. Reduce the resource required to produce a staff e-magazine.

Staff Quiz Tool

Employee quiz tool. Delivered as a desktop alert or by hyperlink. Automated real time reporting. Reinforce staff learning via research links and display of answers.

Staff Survey tool - High Reponse Rates

Staff feedback / survey / poll / benchmarking tool. Delivered as a desktop alert or via click through. Auto reminders and real time reporting.

Desktop Alerts - High Cut-through

Desk top message alerts to ensure message cut through for important employee updates. Video Desktop Alerts and RSVP Desktop Alerts

Desktop Wallpaper

Visual communications that get noticed. Publish messages on desktop backgrounds. Target messages to employee groups.