Distance Shouldn’t Be An Obstacle To Great Employee Engagement

Remote workers have become increasingly commonplace in organizations today. More staff are based in satellite offices or work from home offices, either by personal choice, business decision or customer requirement.

This trend affects all business functions, from customer service and sales to tech support. Virtual teams have developed as technology has opened the doors. But this opportunity brings with it challenges for organizations.

The biggest challenge for distributed or remote teams is poor communication. (Source: ProjectManagement.com)

Engagement is more important – but more difficult. Managers have reduced oversight of team productivity. For staff, geographic isolation can lead to workplace disconnection. When it comes to managing a virtual team, communication must be mighty to be successful.

Work from home staff survey
Engaging ways to keep remote teams informed and involved

Communication Tools To Manage A Remote Team

SnapComms makes managing virtual teams simpler, with inventive new communication solutions. Vibrant alerts which are unmissable. Dynamic updates which inform. Visual channels which motivate and inspire. Interactive tools which interest and engage.

Use Alerts to send video messages with company updates or recorded meetings to keep all your virtual team in the know.

Desktop tickers are an attention-grabbing way to deliver important status updates or announcements, running discretely along the bottom of the screen.

Lock screen is a highly visual communications reinforced daily, whether latest achievements, coming social events or a campaign in market.

Staff quizzes nurture your team’s knowledge or collaboration, testing their product knowledge or encouraging teamwork.

Digital internal newsletters are a rich multimedia tool for creative storytelling and conveying internal information in an appealing, low-intrusion way.
Staff surveys collect employee feedback and allow managers to easily analyze results – providing an important outlet for opinions and suggestions.

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Use SnapComms Software To:

Build relationships

Record staff meetings, messages from the CEO and presentations, and send these via video alerts to remote workers.

  • foster a sense of involvement
  • increase organizational loyalty

Reinforce values

Display an eye-catching lock screen message to promote the organization’s mission, progress towards objectives or latest employee benefits.

  • improve consistency of messaging
  • build awareness through repetition

Improve knowledge

Use staff quizzes to reinforce training messages and provide an interactive way for a virtual team to be involved in staff training.

  • increase training effectiveness
  • highlight knowledge gaps

Provide support

Distribute an internal newsletter dedicated to remote workers, summarizing important company updates and remote team building activities.

  • offer relevant, valuable resources
  • grow engagement

Encourage feedback

Involve remote workers in company changes or the working environment by capturing their opinions in staff surveys.

  • convey that their opinions count
  • address issues before they escalate

Emergency Communications

Keep everyone up to date with the latest news and information during emergency events, such as inclement weather events, public health crises, and more.

  • send updates and news directly to staff
  • instruct and inform employees of processes and policies to follow

Real Results For Virtual Team Communication

Improved performance
Remote workers never miss important information again, equipping them with everything they need to excel at their jobs
Increased engagement
A more informed, inspired and valued remote workforce is a more engaged one
icon-Sales Teams
Reduced turnover
Minimize expensive staff turnover and retain high performers through feedback mechanisms and increased involvement
Reduced risk
Better information and support make remote workers less prone to suffering health risks or making serious mistakes
Strengthened culture
Support positive change through better training, educating and motivating virtual teams
Greater communication
Tracking readership and attitudes helps determine the effectiveness of your remote team communication and any ‘black spots’

Features To Enable Better Remote Team Management

Improve the effectiveness of your remote team communication with extra features built in to the SnapComms platform.

  • Custom groups can be set up for remote workers so that relevant messages can be sent only to them. Segment these groups further by role type, location, shift hours or anything else. Custom groups sync with your active directory, meaning no double-handling of maintenance or updating.
  • Targeting messages improves relevance and readership. Send messages to specific groups as required, ensuring no wastage of effort and less likelihood of staff ignoring the messages as ‘not for me’.
  • Scheduling allows messages to be created in advance and sent to remote workers at the time when attendance or readership will be highest.
  • Message recurrence settings provide 100% cut-through of your essential communications, by repeating messages at specified intervals until remote workers take a particular action.

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