SnapComms Platform Overview

How the SnapComms Platform Works

SnapComms In Action - Easy As 1-2-3 


SnapComms messages are created using a browser-based Content Manager to create and send important messages to employees on any device, anywhere.

  • To receive the message, the employee must have the SnapComms Client (or app) installed on their computer, tablet or smartphone. Your content is delivered to local software clients from central servers which are hosted on the SnapComms data center.
  • SnapComms Servers are responsible for the creation, targeting and distribution of content out to the SnapComms Client. The servers consist of a SQL Server relational database management system used for storing and retrieving data.
  • The SnapComms Client is software that is installed locally on users’ PCs, initiates regular communications with the SnapComms servers, and downloads and manages the display of content onto employees’ computer screens.

Administrators have access to the SnapComms servers via the Content Manager interface in order to create, target and publish content out to the SnapComms Clients.

View our knowledge base regarding SnapComms channels across different devices. 

Message Administration Options


As Administrator of the SnapComms platform, you can access a range of settings to manage the delivery and display of content on employee screens.

Multiple administrators can be set up on the SnapComms platform, each with their own access rights to message content, distribution and targeting. Administrator permission settings include the following options:

  • Create messages only (but not publish - messages are forwarded to senior admin for moderation)
  • Restrict distribution - only target defined users and specific groups with messages
  • Limit tool use - only access certain SnapComms tools and channels

Message Behavior upon Delivery 

Message administrators can specify exactly how messages appear on screen (i.e. size of notification, audio added and more). 

Employees who need to work uninterrupted for short periods of time can be given the 'snooze' option. Administrators can configure the maximum length and number of times an employee or group can snooze within a period.

Send Messages in any Language

Multi-language support - The SnapComms platform supports different language fonts. SnapComms messaging templates can also support multiple languages (including the content in the actual messages plus the standard prompts that appear during Quizzes, Surveys and error messages).

Bilingual support - Language options include French AND English (for example bilingual messaging for Canadian organizations).

Managing Published Content

Content calendar - Scheduled content (by administrator or overall) can be shown in calendar format. This option provides a quick snapshot of what's going out and the SnapComms tools being used. Its purpose is to avoid information overload for staff and for administrators to have visibility of all outgoing messages.

Content dashboard – A dashboard of all content that has been published can be accessed to see how often content has been viewed. Information may also be drilled down to content folder level.

Special Features Of The SnapComms Platform

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