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Pop-up Notifications To Make RSVPs A Breeze

What's An RSVP Alert?

SnapComms pop-up RSVP Alert is a notification tool which you can send direct to the screens of your employees. It allows recipients to quickly and easily respond to your invite from their smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Its unmissable format makes it far more powerful than traditional appointment emails sent via Outlook. And its registration functionality makes planning and organizing staff numbers for an event an absolute breeze!

Use it to invite employees to important events – such as company announcements, training sessions, and workshops. At the same time, capture important registration details, such as preferred times; questions to pose to the CEO (or other speaker) and more.

RSVP showing a goal setting workshop invitation

How An RSVP Alert Works

A SnapComms RSVP alert notification typically appears as a pop-up message, in the bottom right-hand side of a screen, with the option of ‘read now’ or ‘read later’. Alternatively, it can be sent more discreetly to appear within a small message window, or more overtly, fully taking over the screen's real estate.

To create an RSVP Alert, simply enter the details of your event into the SnapComms Content Manager. Questions can be mandatory or optional, and only limited by your imagination. Add your own design touches, choose your target audience, and publish – straight to your employees’ screens and mobile devices.

Employee responses are recorded in the SnapComms platform to facilitate smooth event planning.



Why Is An RSVP Alert So Powerful?

Compared with traditional ways of sending out invites (such as the overused channel of email), the RSVP Alert yields much higher response and attendance rate to your events. This is primarily due to its unmissable delivery format i.e. the pop-up alert arriving on top of other applications.

Apply bright colors and designs to give your invite extra oomph! Once sent, you can easily track who’s attending, their preferences, any special requests – such as dietary - and send follow up reminders to those not yet responded.

Staff can also make use of the automated calendar reminder for Outlook, so the event goes straight into their diary. 

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Common Use Cases: RSVP Alerts In Action

Whether you want to boost attendance to training events or have an easier way to plan the staff party, SnapComms RSVP Alert is an invaluable mechanism to elicit staff responses.

  • Event Management
    Track staff numbers accepting / declining events. Easily capture information such as dietary requirements, transport and date/time preferences
  • Improving Efficiency
    Slash time and resource required to co-ordinate multiple responses from different teams. A single, easy-to-read report instantly shows who has (and hasn’t responded)
  • Timely Planning
    As your event nears, apply recurrence options so that those not yet responded are prompted to do so
  • Boosting Participation
    By sending invites direct to screens, increase response rates to training, briefings and social functions
  • Targeting
    Ensure only relevant staff are targeted and sent invites (you can target individually, as a group or the whole organization)
  • Creating a Buzz
    Add animation and bold designs to your invite, to drive home the theme of your event

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Special Features Of The SnapComms Platform

The SnapComms tools are fantastic for any company where staff are getting bogged down by too many emails.

Annabel Gould

Communications Manager, ihug