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Deliver interactive video content to staff screens - SnapComms' pop-up video tool is a pop-up alert that bypasses email and delivers video to employees’ devices.

Smart targeting - SnapComm's targeting features mean that you can deliver customized video messages to different employee groups.

Increase visibility of video Sidestep emails and ensure staff see your video messages with pop-up notifications and alerts and message recurrence when staff select to watch later.



  • Increase views and Return on Investment (ROI) - SnapComms' pop-up video alert tool delivers video to employees’ desktops and mobile devices. Producing an internal video can be expensive and time consuming, the Video Alert tool helps to ensure maximum viewing rates of your internal communications videos.

  • Build engagement - So your CEO can’t be in more than one place at a time or staff are geographically dispersed? No problem. The pop-up video tool will allow your CEO to have visibility across the organization not matter where employees are located. Let staff see the commitment and intent in your CEO’s eyes and hear the passion and empathy in their voice.

  • Smart targeting - SnapComm's targeting features mean that you can deliver customized video messages to different employee groups. For example sending policy update emails to affected departments during change.

  • Reporting - Easy-to-use reporting tools in the SnapComms platform let you see who has viewed the content and have insight into how many people are aware of the event or update.


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Why internal communicators love our vIDEO ALERT tool

  • Customizable message templates
    Including visuals, text, html, pdfs and interactive elements.
  • Scheduling and recurrence
    Messages can be delivered at specified times with various message recurrence options based on the user response.
  • Read Now / Read Later
    For less critical messages, staff can defer viewing until later.
  • Target messages
    Target messages to specific staff groups based on existing network structures, machine-based targeting or set up new groups. Alternatively, registration alerts can be used.
  • Support for target sets
    Ability to create target groups using Boolean logic.
  • Delivery to mobile devices
    Video messages can be delivered to IoS and Android mobile devices.
  • Support for staff sharing computers
    Messages can be targeted by login profile.
  • Registration Alerts
    Allow staff to specify their information requirements and automatically populate message targeting structures.
  • Snooze function
    For employees who do not want to be disrupted, are in a meeting or working on an important document. They can be given the rights to 'Snooze' for a maximum period specified by the administrator. (This can be overridden by the administrator for any urgent updates).
  • Support for UTC time
    Set an absolute date of delivery (all at once) or by time zone.
  • Customizable size, position and prominence
    Alter the display size of messages as required.
  • Full reporting
    See who has read the message, their response, message duration and links they have clicked. Track to specific users and devices as required.
  • Message acknowledgement options
    Ensure staff have read and acknowledged important messages.

  • Active Directory integration
    With auto-synchronisation.
  • Configurable message poll
    Message poll options allow the SnapComms client to check for new messages as frequently as needed.
  • Terminal server/Citrix clients
  • API available
    Permits integration with other business systems.
  • Configurable administrator rights
    Multiple administrators can be set up with varied message publishing, moderation and administration rights.
  • Message moderation queues
    Senior administrators can moderate messages drafted, set up and scheduled by junior administrators.
  • Access from any device
    Administrators can access the message manager and configure messages from any internet-enabled device.
  • Easy to install
    MSI installer and by utilizing Active Directory.
  • Auto-launch and client monitoring
    The desktop alert software automatically launches at every start up and runs a service to ensure the client is continuously operational.


    • Optional Alert Tone
      Video alerts can be configured to sound a tone when a new alert message is delivered.
    • Content calendar
      Quick view of all published content by groups or individuals. This helps prevent multiple administrators 'spamming' users with too many messages.Include an automated calendar reminder for Outlook
      Theme your invitations with eye catching images and logos

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