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What's A Registration Alert?

Registration Alerts are a simple yet powerful way for capturing employee registration. They invite employees to opt in (or out) of your company programs - for example, you may need to ask staff to subscribe to certain company content, or you need their compliance for new policies. In extreme cases, they are ideal for checking on staff welfare in an emergency: ‘Are you safe? Yes/No.’  

SnapComms Registration Alerts are ideal for confirming staff agreement on important issues – as well for requesting staff consent to receive certain types of communication (for example, about a workplace social event).

Messages are sent direct to employee screens, whether desktop or mobile – no need for email! By either sending to all employees or targeting to only specific groups, staff waste less time reading irrelevant messages.

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How A Registration Alert Works 

Registration Alerts may be easily set up in the SnapComms Content Manager.

Employees typically first receive a pop-up notification directly on their desktop or mobile device, asking them one or two questions and offering options for a response. These responses could be multiple choice (for example, selecting either yes or no), multiple selection (for example, selecting from a list of locations), or free text.

The responses submitted by each employee ‘opt them into’ a corresponding group. For example, an employee who answers ‘yes’ would be added to the ‘Yes’ group, together with everyone else who answered the same.

All employees in a group can then easily be targeted with follow-up messages tailored especially to them. No manual intervention required by managers after initial setup – just set up, send and let the tool do the rest.

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Why Is A Registration Alert So Powerful?

The direct-to-screen nature of Registration Alerts bypasses email, making them unmissable for employees. Questions can be repeated as often as desired until everyone responds – guaranteeing you a 100% response rate!

Permission-based communications have become a key priority for employers – particularly in light of General Data Protection Regulations in Europe. This mirrors the global movement to be more transparent regarding individuals’ data privacy.

Registration Alerts are the perfect tool to request consent for employees to opt-in to content. Managers ask a question of employees, the responses from which dynamically categorize employees into groups.

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Common Use Cases: Registration Alerts In Action

  • Targeting Teams and Individuals
    Setting up distinct employee groups to enable more relevant and tailored internal comms (for example, dedicated Sales, Marketing, IT groups etc.)
  • Health & Safety Compliance
    Collating employee compliance with health and safety policies
  • Checking Welfare
    Gathering welfare status of employees during an emergency, for example, "Are You Safe?"; "Are You Able To Travel?"
  • Personal Data Compliance
    Confirming employee consent for storing and using their personal data – meeting GDPR compliance regulations
  • HR Initiatives Opt-In
    Inviting staff to opt-in to new initiatives - pensions, savings, charitable causes, volunteering
  • Communication Preferences
    Inviting staff to opt-in to content pertinent to their role or their interests. For example, join up to the social club newsletter. 

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