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A SnapComms employee quiz is a pop-up tool that's pushed onto employees’ computer screens and mobile devices. It can be designed so that right and wrong answers are scored. At completion, the employee can receive a ‘score card’ with their results.

Its direct-to-screen delivery method bypasses email so you can rely on high quiz participation rates. Recurrence options can be specified to ensure employees who have yet to complete the desktop quiz are reminded to do so.

A Quiz typically appears as a pop up alert, in the bottom right hand side of a screen, with the option of ‘read now’ or ‘read later’.  Alternatively, it can be sent more discreetly to appear within a small message window, or more overtly, fully taking over the screen's real estate.

Its flexible design means there are no restrictions on the number of questions asked, and a variety of question types.

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Employees typically forget 80% of new information within 30 days - unless it is reinforced. SnapComms Staff Quiz offers an effective way to reinforce such learning in an engaging way.

A targeted pop-up quiz can be used for many purposes, from identifying an individual's capability, testing their knowledge post-training or sourcing feedback on projects. It can feature hyperlinks to useful resources, such as training materials, and can encourage friendly competition between invididuals and/or regions.  

For compliance and ethical training, scenario-style quizzes can help employees anticipate situations at work and consider their actions in a hypothetical way.

Upon submitting an answer, there's an optional pop-op which allows the employee to see their individual score and the correct answer. This is a great way to reinforce important information and introduce gamification i.e. staff competing for highest scores.

Full reporting allows you to see which employees have completed the quiz and to compare their results. Acknowledge the stars and provide further training for the under-performers. 

As per the SnapComms Survey tool, there are advanced behavioral settings available, all designed to achieve the optimum response rates. 

A Quiz is an effective way of monitoring, motivating and educating employees in an interactive way. 

Examples include:

    • Measuring understanding of a particular topic in real time
  • Creating fun, competitive environments between different teams and regions
  • Gauging employee satisfaction levels
  • Reinforcing and measuring the effectiveness of training
  • Measuring capability
  • Benchmarking and setting standards
  • Feedback on new initiatives such as wellbeing initiatives
  • Feedback on manager effectiveness
  • Employee exit quizzes
  • Influencing attitudes with ‘scenario’ quizzes
  • Motivating staff with competitions





  • Auto reminders for uncompleted quizzes; reminders pop up on the screen of staff who have not yet participated.
  • Allow multiple responses from each employee - encourage them to improve their scores!
  • Specify if a question is mandatory or optional
  • Allow confidential (and anonymous) responses - these can be valuable in times of change and uncertainty
  • Link to your corporate Terms and Conditions (regarding privacy etc.), or write special terms and conditions specific to the quiz
  • Include pictures and branding to better engage your staff
  • Play a sound when the quiz notification arrives to grab attention immediately
  • Multiple-choice: when the respondent selects one answer out of a selection of option.
  • Free-form answer: when the respondent can make comments at will (which are not scored).




  • Targeting - A Quiz can be sent to the whole organization, individual employees, groups of employees, organizational units or any combination of these. Existing Active Directory groups can be targeted or groups of individuals can be created manually. These groups can be saved for re-use at any time.
  • Delivery Options - the staff Quiz can be sent to PCs or mobile phones.
  • Recurrence - Set the Quiz to keep recurring on screen until the employee submits a response. This means that employees will continue to see notifications until they open and complete the survey.
  • Reporting - Full real-time metrics showing the results of the Staff Quiz in terms of overall completion rate as well as individual employee scores.
  • Scheduling – Push the Quiz immediately, or schedule it to for a future date and time – perhaps after a training session. Alert-like reminders can be set to repeat at specified intervals.
  • Campaigns - Bundle a quiz with other message types around the same topic to drive behavior change. Conclude the campaign with a validation item that requires acknowledgment by the employee.
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