Managing Millennials

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Communication Is At The Core Of Success

It’s common to struggle with how to manage millennials in the workplace. They have communication demands distinct from other groups – and which savvy managers must understand if they’re to form successful working relationships.

When it comes to work, 55% of millennials are not engaged and 16% are actively disengaged. (Source: Gallup)

Millennials are attracted by visually-rich content, delivered in compelling ways, using contemporary technology. Failing to communicate with them in this way is to invite a disrupted workplace and missed opportunities.

Screensaver about employee culture and company values
Millennials are big fans of visual content - screensavers like this - and other engaging formats (such as video) with short content are powerful

Tools To Engage And Inspire Millennial's

SnapComms succeeds because channels are designed for maximum engagement – high impact coupled with powerful persuasion. Use these channels to get them involved in the organization, invested in the outcomes, and inspired for making positive change.
video alert for millennials
Video alerts deliver compelling updates directly to employee desktop or mobile screens, in millennials’ preferred format – video, bringing corporate communications to life.
meeting updates ticker on laptop
Desktop tickers convey punchy information in small chunks – just the way millennial's like it. Important updates are delivered instantly, with hyperlinks able to direct staff elsewhere online for more details.
career training screensaver on laptop
Screensavers become interactive billboards with striking visuals, hyperlinks and other media formats for maximum visibility and reinforcement of key messages.
name our app quiz on mac

Millennial's love interactivity, so an employee quiz can get them involved in naming new initiatives, projects, products etc. Short employee surveys collect their opinions on workplace issues that matter to them, and suggestions for improvements.


Discover Our Range Of Channels For Internal Communications


Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Inject vitality

Highly-visual channels like Screensavers and multimedia digital newsletters bring the organization to life for millennials.

  • Build knowledge

Improve engagement

Send video alerts of the CEO welcome or company history to encourage viewing. Create fun and light-hearted competition through quizzes.

  • Increase participation
  • Build positive culture

Build commitment

Send short, punchy updates on relevant topics via tickers to focus attention and maintain interest levels

  • Invest millennials in outcomes

Enable collaboration

Involve millennials in the business website, app or intranet through surveying their opinion and suggestions

  • Generate ideas
  • Reduce turnover

Results You Can Expect With SnapComms

Grow contributions
Grow contributions
Foster an open environment where millennials are encouraged to contribute
Enhance productivity
Enhance productivity
Support the output and retention of motivated millennials
Reduce cost
Reduce cost
Minimized costly HR time and effort in managing disconnected millennials
Minimize risk
Minimize risk
Lower potential for negative PR or word of mouth due to employee disenchantment
Maximize potential
Maximize potential
Leverage creative new business improvements stemming from millennial suggestions
Strengthen communication
Strengthen communication
More effective messages through real-time data-driven insights

Extra Features Make Managing Millennials Easier

Managing millennials in the workplace can be challenging. Special features of the SnapComms platform make this easier and more effective for internal comms and HR managers.

  • The pop-up notification format ensures higher cut-through for priority messages and higher response rates than traditional survey tools
  • Targeting settings permit updates, surveys or any other comms to be delivered to selected groups only. For example, all millennial employees, or only those in specific departments
  • Recurrence settings allow unviewed video alerts to ‘pop up’ a specified number of times as a reminder to millennials who haven’t watched it to do so
  • Reporting options provide access to detailed information on message opens, clicks and interactions - allowing managers to identify who has engaged with messages and which messages have been more successful, providing valuable insights to improve future comms

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