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Inspiring Performance Through Benefits Communication

Benefits offered to employees are proven to lift employee engagement and morale – but are a significant cost to organizations.

Employee benefits are an important part of the HR toolkit and a valuable tool for displaying staff appreciation and encouraging a positive, productive culture. But it comes to nothing if staff aren’t aware of them.

Communicating staff benefits effectively can reduce the cost of these benefits by up to 20% each year. (Source: McKinsey Global Institute)

Communicating employee benefits helps organizations manage costs and maximize value. Staff can be assisted in understanding and using benefits, but to do this effectively requires internal communication that both raises awareness and drives action.

employee survey about benefits
Full-screen notifications are ideal for communicating benefits information - such as asking for feedback, sending reminders about opting in and more.

Communication Tools Every HR Manager Needs

The SnapComms platform is designed to deliver exactly what HR managers need in communicating employee benefits – maximum readership and employee engagement, regardless of role, location or device used.
career screensaver on laptop
Screensaver messages are a visual way to make everyone aware of the benefits available. Staff can ‘interact’ with messages by clicking links that navigate to more information on your intranet or provider’s website.
wellness survey
Staff surveys help HR managers understand what matters to different employees, providing essential insights to ensure that benefits offered by the organization are actually of value.
employee benefits ticker

Desktop tickers display important headlines and updates about benefits as scrolling text on staff computer screens – unmissable without being intrusive.


goal setting rsvp on tablet
The RSVP tool encourages attendance for training sessions where staff can learn more about the benefits available, how to enroll in them and how to best make use of them.

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Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Expand knowledge

Headlines on scrolling news tickers inform staff of benefit updates and remind them about important dates, such as deadlines for enrolling. Educate staff on what’s in it for them through training sessions promoted via the RSVP tool.

  • Maximize training attendance and participation
  • Drive usage of your intranet

Boost productivity

Use vibrant screensaver messages to showcase employee benefits on every computer screen.

  • Build employee engagement
  • Retain good staff

Encourage use

Apply distinct branding to your benefit packages to make them more memorable, then promote staff enrolling and using them through prominent digital signage in staff common areas.

  • Reach staff who aren’t desk-based
  • Maximize return on benefit investment

Improve appeal

Find out which benefits appeal most to different employee groups through a pop-up survey. Use insights gained to more accurately source new benefits and promote existing.

  • Target career development, family healthcare and retirement benefits appropriately
  • Increase staff response rates

Results You’ll Benefit From With SnapComms

Improve culture
Improve culture
When positive attitudes prevail, morale soars and any areas of discontent are nipped in the bud
Attract ‘A players’
Attract ‘A players’
Positive word of mouth from satisfied employees builds reputation in the marketplace, which attracts the best candidates for new roles
Strengthen communication
Strengthen communication
Effectiveness of HR communications are improved through data-driven insights delivered in real-time
Increase retention
Increase retention
Employees are less likely to leave their jobs if they are better informed about the benefits they receive
Build engagement
Build engagement
Visual, inspirational content transforms better knowledge into bigger performance on the part of staff
Competitive advantage
Competitive advantage
Employee benefits offer a prized point of difference against competitors, reflecting employee care and responsible management

Extra Features Put You In The Driving Seat

For improved communication without extra complication, the SnapComms platform offers more to today’s HR managers.

  • Target your messages to different employee groups based on their needs (for example, training and development options to young staff members, or family healthcare options to staff with young families), thereby improving relevance and reducing wastage.
  • Use built-in recurrence options to persistently prompt staff members with important messages until they respond.
  • Customize message templates with specific branding, colors and style to give your employee benefits communication a distinct identity.
  • Set administration rights to permit access for creating and publishing content around employee benefits for specified staff members only.
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