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Your Internal Brand Is Too Important For Bad Communication

Internal brand communication does more than just build awareness of organizational values. It inspires employees to form an emotional connection with the brand and the business.

Through successful internal brand communication, employee retention is increased, absenteeism is reduced, and customers become happier.

Internal branding has a positive impact on employees’ commitment and loyalty to the brand.
(Source: Nottingham Trent University)

This is particularly important for businesses with a dispersed workforce, such as retail stores, remote offices and frontline workers. Poor communication of brand leads to poor consistency of service.

TV ad video alert
Help your staff love your brand through visual and engaging communication channels that bypass email entirely

Tools To Bring Internal Branding To Life

Employees are already overloaded, making it difficult for internal brand messages to be heard. SnapComms innovative internal communications platform works with all device types, including high-visibility digital signage, ensuring your internal branding messages don't get lost amidst emails.
video alert on laptop
Video alerts vividly showcase new TV ads or online videos to engage staff. Regardless of location, all employees can be notified to raise interest and create a 'hot-off-the-press' or 'first-to-know' feeling.
internal brand quiz on mobile

Employee surveys and employee quiz tools bypass email to ensure high participation rates and generate greater volumes of responses. These low-intrusion formats encourage two-way communication and foster positive employee relations.

internal brand screensaver

Screensavers promote internal brand messages through vibrantly building momentum and supporting brand values. By creating a series of screensavers, you can develop an engaging brand story which builds over time.


internal newsletter on tablet
Digital internal newsletters are a rich multimedia tool. Far removed from stuffy corporate emails, these newsletters can include videos, live webpages, scrolling tickers and other media to truly bring your internal branding to life.

Discover Our Range Of Channels For Internal Communications


Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Build knowledge

Internal brand communication is not a one-time event. Use screensavers to visually convey core values of integrity, service, teamwork, collaboration and so on.

  • Align external and internal branding
  • Make training more effective
  • Benchmark and track brand perceptions

Inspire employees

Employees embrace the internal brand more when they’re involved in creating it. Survey staff to gather their opinions on the values they see most relevant and to prioritize their preferences.

  • Develop internal brand champions
  • Recognize staff achievements on screensavers and digital newsletters

Increase customer service

Deliver important video updates to all staff through video alerts, which ensure the content is engaging, access to knowledge is equal and service delivery is consistent.

  • Minimize potential for erosion of brand equity
  • Strengthen relationships between corporate and remote offices

Improve morale

Employee attitudes and commitment are enhanced through quizzes that encourage participation and make the process fun.

  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Reinforce understandings of brand

Results Of Internal Brand Communication With SnapComms

Focus efforts
Focus efforts
Consistently promoted internal brand keeps all staff activity aligned to strategic goals
Increase engagement
Increase engagement
Organizational values are embodied to strengthen employee affinity with brand and encourage participation
Reduce risk
Reduce risk
Minimized risk of negative customer experience due to staff behavior misaligned to brand values, particularly in retail or remote locations
Strengthen advantage
Strengthen advantage
Reinforcement of business strengths and unique capabilities supports competitive advantage
Improve retention
Improve retention
A vibrant, inclusive internal brand makes employees feel welcomed and involved, which mitigates desire to leave
Drive communication
Drive communication
Tracking readership and attitudes helps determine how well the internal brand is embraced and where communication needs to be improved

More Features = More Impact

Good communication tools allow you to reach employees; the best communication tools provide even more. SnapComms extra features create more impact from your messaging.

  • Scheduling allows you to build your internal brand easily through constant reinforcement. Messages can be set to send at specific days and times, delivering short bursts of communications over time. The efficiency of this approach saves time later, removes the potential for neglecting important follow-ups, and improves consistency of tone and style.
  • Assign administrator rights to key personnel in different departments so they can create and publish updates from their area featuring the latest useful information.
  • Repeat messages that have not been read, using recurrence settings to deliver at specific dates and times for maximum visibility and impact.
  • Real time tracking provides insights which allow you to make improvements ‘on the fly’. Readership can be analyzed at employee or team level, providing assurance that all staff are being reached, or at campaign level, giving an overall picture of program effectiveness.

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