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Product Overview


SnapComms messages are created using a browser-based Content Manager to create and send important messages to employees on any device anywhere. In order to receive the message, the employee must have the SnapComms Client (or app) installed on their computer, tablet or smart phone.


Key Platform Attributes




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How does the SnapComms Internal Communication Platform work?

internal communications platform


Your content is delivered to local software clients from central servers which can either be hosted on SnapComms data center in Toronto or locally hosted (in-house within your organization’s environment).


SnapComms Servers – responsible for the creation, targeting and distribution of content out to the Snap Client. The Snap Servers consist of a SQL Server relational database management system used for storing and retrieving data. 

SnapComms Client – software that is installed locally on users’ PCs, initiates regular communications with the Snap Servers and downloads and manages the display of content onto the users’ computer screen.

Administrators have access to the Snap Servers via the Content Manager interface in order to create, target and publish content out to the Snap Clients.



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Platform Features:



Messages can be sent to the whole organization, individual employees, groups of employees, organizational units or any combinations of these. Existing Active Directory groups can be targeted or groups of individuals can be created manually. These groups can be saved for re-use at any time.

Delivery Options

As well as sending a message to PC and smart phones, message content can be broadcast as an SMS, email or to other communication channels using our API.


Set the message to recur until read. This means that employees will continue to see notifications until they open and read the message.


Real time metrics showing the success of the message in terms of delivery to the device as well as readership.


Send urgent messages or important news updates immediately or schedule the message to be sent at a future date and time. Messages like reminders can be set to repeat at specified intervals.


Bundle message types around the same topic to drive behavior change. Conclude the campaign with a validation item that requires acknowledgment by the employee.

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